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    Default Help i feel like i have no consciousness(not literally)

    Hey. I am here yet again in search for maybe someone thatcan relate and help.
    Its a very difficult state to describe but i feel like i really dont know what im doing in social situations and im not aspberger. My mind goes blank and i cant seem to do what i want, its almost like the conscious though process is very weak and doesnt work.i feel do unaware sne i just dont know how to act comfortably. Is it just a matter of comfort or what? I dont seem to trust my own thoughts do the point that they are unexistant. What the hell is this

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    Have you ever looked into instinctual variants? I'm so/sp or sp/so and I do this all the time too. Like, there's a big group of people I'm pretty spontaneous around, but then if I don't trust someone or see them as a threat, I totally lock up.

    I think it has to do with self-preservation. The whole variant revolves around safety, comfort, and survival. So, if you're not allowed to be comfortable or do what gives you the most security, it bothers you a lot more than other people.

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