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    Default ooo fence building pl0x

    The Eight Functions and Fence-Building

    Ne - I want to design the fence.

    Ni - Why do they want to do this and what is the deal with fences anyway? Is this necessary?

    Se - I want to decorate the fence and make sure that it looks stylish and appealing

    Si - Iíll take care of looking at the instructions and making sure that we follow the established guidlines.

    Te - Is doing this cost effective? Will it be useful?

    Ti - I want to analyze the structure and placement of the fence.

    Fe - How will it affect the neighborhood, and what will the neighbors think?

    Fi - I want it to be my own special fence that I can share with others over time


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    Brilliant! I like.
    "There ain't no doubt in no one's mind that love's the finest thing around. Whisper something soft and kind." --James Taylor

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    I really identify with the Ni one.

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