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    Quote Originally Posted by Inis Mona View Post
    We all are to some point attracted to morbid, unpleasant, or violent things. It's the natural reaction of our brain, the natural curiosity that helps us prevent the real life danger and learn how to deal with real life unpleasant situations and also help us vent our own inner unpleasant feelings we need to deal with.
    But why are some people attracted to dark sides for reality, more than others? Why some people enjoy horror, dramas, thrillers, while others find them unpleasant to watch and rather watch a comedy, or a romance movie? Why do some people rather listen to emotionally tensing, or raw and aggressive music and some people think that happy pop songs on the radio are the best they can get?
    I have a suspicion this has to do a lot with imagination, empathy and intuition, but I have a hard time proving it. Have anyone ever made a research about such a fenomena? If not, what are your own thoughts?
    What do you mean by morbid things? What's morbid for you?

    You know, I like to explore the whole territory of human psyche; I like Mysteries. I do not like anything that is still hidden. I like to reveal everything and explain to myself.

    I'm not affraid of the vast majority of things, so I would not say I am attracted to the morbid stuff, but they are interesting to me from a logical perspective; it is an act of sheer curiosity.

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    Probably residual dopamine fueled ectasy from our spear-chucking past. We associated blood and killing with food and survival back then; some of that Pavlovian bloodlust has survived. When you think of it, aren't slasher movies merely a hunter/prey type of situation where the bad guy is the hunter and the prey are the victims.

    I satisfy my bloodlust by slathering red condiments like ketchup and tabasco sauce on my meat as a blood-like substitute.
    I thought Dungeon Master was a jerk for talking in riddles all the time. That's probably why Venger went to the dark side.
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    Not relating to the godly, not even when I was a little kid. It goes too far back for me to remember a specific source.

    I'm not particularly interested in intentional drawing attention to the unappealing sides of things as much as just not being squeamish about thinking about them where they exist among the other facets of a thing. Not an interest in calling out or in iconoclasm so much as an interest in creating an accurate record. If I seem to focus on the dark, that's because other people (some of whom might be unmovably averse to looking there - those people are what really scares me) have the other side covered with their attentions. Or, I don't find it really that dark. My repulsion threshold is pretty remote.

    I don't enjoy blood, and melancholy art has to be pretty subtle or naturalistic, or I won't believe it. I'm more drawn to depictions of monsters more than to human slashers, and even more to real creatures that challenge us to relate to them - bugs, large carnivores, the deep sea. And there's hell - I started out as a child who identified with those who fell to it, and I still have a thing for depictions of underworlds, but now nature's hostilities (at least to our sort of mammal) are more than enough. Places where we can't breathe, remote land to which you have to bring or create your own comfort, arctic winters, desert rays, substances we shouldn't touch, places with no ground. The beginning, interior and end of the planet. Parts of our natural, non-abnormal psychology that we'd rather not own up to. My "morbid" disposition has grown into a drive to learn about that which is physically hard to for this species get close to. The science of the unavailable.

    The way I approach this stuff is rather sensing and thinking, if you want to put it into typological terms. My bottom two functions.
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    I think Keats summed it up with his poem A Song of Opposites:

    WELCOME joy, and welcome sorrow,
    Lethe's weed and Hermes' feather;
    Come to-day, and come to-morrow,
    I do love you both together!

    The question isn't one of the juxtaposition of light an dark, but of nihilism. It's the understanding that anything that moves you, shakes you out of your apathy, an stagnation has a beauty to it. Appreciation of the human experience in its entirety is the path to a life well lived. On a more personal note the combination of being both unbelievably miserable, an happy simultaneously is an incredible experience.
    Just looking for a protector, God never reached out in time, There's love, that is a saviour, But that ain't no love of mine
    My Love it kills me slowly, Slowly I could die, And when she sleeps she hears the blues, Sees shades of black and white

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