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    Default Do smart people have high IQ?

    Do you think, that smartness necessarily correlate with high IQ score? Or is it more just a combination of curiosity, openness, social skills and learned knowledge? Do you think that people who are curious, or more open minded than average necessarily have to have high IQ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inis Mona View Post
    Or is it more just a combination of curiosity, openness, social skills and learned knowledge? Do you think that people who are curious, or more open minded than average necessarily have to have high IQ?
    I think they're independent of eachother. IIRC the higher your intelligence the higher the chance of having certain disorders. Many disorders, such as depression, cause the lack of openness, curiosity, social skills, and the ability to learn. Likewise, having those traits doesn't necessarily mean that a person is intelligent.

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    Hmmmm... it seems to me that IQ is a sword wielded. The sharper it is, the more effectively it can be used to prove not only that True is True, but also that True is Untrue. The first is an intelligent thing to do, the latter is not.. depending on the circumstances. There are definitely situations where it is most intelligent to prove that True is Untrue.

    So, I guess you could say that intelligence is knowing how to use your IQ, which isn't necessarily your IQ itself. So, I think intelligence is more of having an accurate understanding and prioritizing of the things that are relevant to your success. IQ most certainly does not measure this.

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    A smart person may do well on IQ tests, but a high IQ does not necessarily entail being smart. The only thing an IQ test measures is how well a person can complete an IQ test.
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    I know a guy that has really poor problem solving skills. I don't like giving explicit direction, I'm more of a "lead a horse to water" type of person - and he very often can't figure how to drink.

    But something about him, I find intelligent. I don't have the capacity right now to explain what it is. Maybe, he's just tenacious. He has a can-do attitude, like me.

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    There doesn't seem to be a universally accepted definition of what constitutes 'intelligence.'
    The most I can do is approach the topic in a very roundabout way...

    IQ VS. Intuition | Bryan Helmig
    This is a fairly old post. Ignore the point the post is trying to make about intuition (I'll return to it in a moment) and focus on the 'IQ test question' examples provided.

    [Situation 1] It is technically possible to answer all three questions correctly without the use of 'intelligence' if one reads the questions very carefully, translates them into logical formulas and then works through them mechanically. For example, the formula for the first question is x+(1+x) = 1.10, where x is the price of the ball. This is not an exercise in intelligence, and could arguably be learned to an extent (one of the criticisms of IQ testing). 'Intuition' is completely excluded from this process.

    The post (and the study it refers to) paints intuition in a pretty poor light. However, consider a scenario in which someone reads the ball question and 'intuitively' conclude that the answer is 10 cents.
    Why is it that most(?) people are content to write down the (incorrect) answer and move on to the next question [Situation 2], whereas others will have the gut feeling of 'wait a minute... this isn't right!' and re-read the question, possibly transitioning over to the mechanical method to determine the answer. [Situation 3]

    Situation 1 and situation 3 may both result in a correct answer.
    but is situation 3 not also an exercise in 'intuition'?

    The difference between the way intuition manifests in situation 2 vs situation 3, is what I think intelligence is, and its use isn't limited to hypothetical test questions.
    Think of the times when you know something is right or wrong (or missing something crucial) before you actually work through it rationally. And when you do, it turns out that your first feeling was correct.

    (One of the) problems with IQ tests is that at the end, what it measures is whether you got the questions right -- not whether you exercised intelligence to do so.
    Learned knowledge (situation 1) can provide you with the correct answers but it is not the same as intelligence.

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    Not necessarily, but the smarter someone is the more likely they are to have a high IQ.

    Taking a concept to it's logical end is rarely logical or relevant to the subject at hand.
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    They usually do. The ones that don't are probably not good at taking tests or are smart because of a high EQ. The problem with IQ tests isn't their accuracy, but how misused they are and maybe how narrow what's tested is.

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    I'm not even certain there are various levels of intelligence anyway, just people with different focuses. The fact that modern society values only certain uses for intelligence does not mean that there is a standard for it. Everyone has within them the capacity for reasoning, creativity, literacy, etc. whether or not they choose to develop it is another matter.

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