I entered a lucid dream state to look at things from a different perspective. In LD mode, the subconsious becomes consious and the consious becomes the reality which surrounds you.

This need to work and contribute to society and help others and end all suffering is a superego thing. She (Superego is always female for some reason) says I eat when millions of children die from hunger each day and she made me listen to their screams. She says I am failing at the community level by failing basic tasks at my jobs and accepting assistance intended for those who truly need it and I should be ashamed for doing so.

Id is a beast-like creature who mindlessly consumes, not much interesting came from him. However, I did sense he strongly dislikes work and schedules and cares only about seeking out familiar sensory pleasures and instant gratification.

Then there was this third guy who showed up uninvited who was extremely crass and insensitive and went around performing senseless acts of violence like ripping wings off of butterflies and kicking old ladies. I did not invite him, and do not know who he is.

I suppose this means I really like to be lazy, but working has become a red herring and not even I knew that.