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    Quote Originally Posted by danseen View Post
    If people only wish to buy products for social value, then who is to say they cannot?
    They obviously can, since they do. Even if their primary purpose is social, though, if they rely primarily on emotion to make their purchasing choice, they may end up very dissatisfied.

    Making money is the purpose of a marketing strategy, not necessarily providing a quality product or service to earn that money.
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    I don't think many people would care about the social values of a product. If a nice person, (myself) is selling something for a good cause, (which I have done before), will he sell better than the guy who is smarter, but ignores emotion?

    My money would be on the less emotional person, because I got confused as to whether I was being selfish or not, it was to help my marching band. I feel like half the people I went to pitied me but still said no. This one guy tried to cover up the fact that he didn't want any and told me to come back latter. I still sold a bunch, but probably not as much as I could have if I were more intelligent analytically. Cause then Id have detached myself from my emotions of doubt.

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