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    Somehow I doubt all Pyschopaths or Sociopaths as I prefer the term are all the same, since "psycho" sounds crazy. Seems a bit generalizing some of these common terms. But I'm sure it is common at least when any are caught. As for being a true born psychopath, or a developed sociopath it wouldn't matter much that they are such but with how they utilize their less inhibited mental powers for something that is conducive to society like Sherlock in bcc vs Moriarty, who's the other less conducive side of the coin.

    As for high intelligence masking psychopathy or sociopathy. It stands to reason that would be well possible consideration the self realization of their difference and developing safety measures to prevent anyone from knowing what would immediately alienate anyone from them if they knew, thus making them disfunctional unless no one knows. Which also means more outward self control.

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    "Study shows psychopathy can be hidden if the individual has high intelligence "

    "ground-breaking research shows that there could be increased numbers of psychopaths in senior managerial positions and high levels of business"

    Ground breaking?

    I thought this was common knowledge. This is not amazing news.

    These are the people who make our society work.

    Thank you, psychopaths!
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    People are weird... strong emotions drive us to do terrible things, but we demonize people who don't feel emotions. I understand our need to factionalize for security, but the prejudice we produce is far more harmful than the traits that divide us...

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