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    Default Places being similar in dreams every time, but different from reality

    I was wondering if this is common. I mean i(and my INFP friend also, but his dreams are more often nonsensical and weird) usually when i dream some common place, its different from what it really is, but its the exact same every time i dream about it. Sometimes those place in dreams change, but 95% of times they remain the same and usually when they change, there is something going on and it feels strange afterwards.

    Its like i have this world i have in my dreams and then this place that is the reality and while they are similar in many ways,the details vary, like some building might be the same color and made out of the same material, but different in pretty much all other ways. Like the buildings next to mine have completely different layout in my dreams than reality, yet they are similar in other ways.
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    Yeah, I get that. I have a few fictional places that reappear from time to time in my dreams. Often a couple dreams in a close span of time will "take place" at a particular setting, and then it won't show up in my dreams again til years later.

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