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    Default Glasser and Choice Theory

    When I get back home, I will have some library books waiting for me. One is Glasser's Choice Theory, which I've been meaning to spend some time with.

    Here are some articles by Glasser.

    "Warning, Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health" and "What is Choice Theory?"

    "Focusing on Chemistry Instead of Compassion"

    and Google's excerpts of Choice Theory, which I will be reading in a week or so. If anyone would care to do an online reading group on this book, I'd be interested.
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    I agree with his reasoning of why psychiatry is bad. Many Psychiatrists just analyze the problem then prescribe medication, but in many cases I think psychology is more important; to help the person overcome their problem naturally, rather than immediately jumping to drugs

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    I'm not sure about the word "many" -- we've all heard horror stories, but do we really think that people who have dedicated their lives to psychiatry all sit around and prescribe drugs as the solution to problems? The majority, even if selfish, would be bored to tears with such a solution... and usually care enough that they'd want to interact / work with people and their problems.

    As far as personal anecdotes go, the three psychologist/therapists I've seen at different times either did not think much about drugs or viewed them just as a tool so as to enable real therapy, and the only psychiatrist who has prescribed me meds viewed them the same way and continued to counsel me regularly. I see her six times a year, in addition to my regular therapist, and they discuss my progress together, to avoid being in situations where medication is being used to "solve a problem."

    I don't know: What sort of therapists are most people who make these comments going to see? The dark alley type?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rivercrow View Post

    I found this very interesting... It reflects a lot of how I approach my relationships and how I train new "mates", so to speak.

    (Not to project that I'm perfect or my mates are broken, but it's a minority of people that have positive attachment styles, nevermind relationship skills. There is a reason that one of the only strong correlations for long term marriage success is pre-marriage counselling...)

    I have a strong urge to write my notes on his words descriptions in the article... I'll post that in my blog/personal thread... Wish I had time to read the book o_O

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    I remember learning about choice theory in grad school and finding it interesting. It goes way beyond psychiatry. A lot of what Glasser tried to do was help people reframe their problems in language that emphasized their volition and downplayed their victim status. It's an interesting approach.

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