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    So I started studying the effects of smiling, not just on how others perceive you, but how smiling affects the person doing the action. Short background story is that I was reading some stories about people in their careers in teaching and how smiling affected the classroom.

    So.....It turns out that smiling, even if it is a "fake" one, is beneficial for the person. In a way, it sort of tricks the brain into thinking a situation is great, even if the situation may not be. Not only does it help personally, smiling, especially when it becomes genuine, positively affects others that come in contact with that person (or at least the mood surrounding that person changes.) Although, others can usually tell when a smile seems fake and when a smile feels genuine (it is all in the eyes.)


    HowStuffWorks "Does smiling make you happy?"

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    Faking a smile seems like a lot of effort just to achieve an effect that reeks of placebo

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