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I read this OP when it was first posted, and couldn't think of anything to post, so I took some time to think about it, and I still have nothing. I guess keep doing what you're doing, but do it more?

Anyway, I think you're swell.

Edit: Why do awesome people always doubt themselves?
thank you. i appreciate that you took time to think on it. i think you're swell too

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Don't let your self doubt govern you. This seems to be a pitfall that is all too common for NFPs. At some point you need to stop worrying and just take risks. Think of it as being a kid on a really high diving board for the first time. Once you take that first leap, you'll feel a strong sense of relief and exhilaration and it will be that much easier to take the dive the next time around. Things may not always go your way, but you'll never know until you try. Better to have a life full of a million glorious failures then a lifetime of should'ves, could'ves and would'ves.
totally! that's my philosophy at my core too, so it feels good to live life that way. i don't let it hold me back too much, i'm a pretty confident person most of the time. and even when i feel unsure of myself, i trust life to have good and bad for me wherever i go, and that i'll always do my best in any situation and learn from it.

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i don't really read the op like there's some self doubt there but.maybe people are reacting to other stuff you've.posted that i haven't seen.

i totally relate to just wanting a mirror or to see yourself as others see you. it's fascinating just the idea that everyone has their own perception of you.

my perception is that you're becoming.more you than you've allowed yourself to be in the past. rather that was from trying to please your parents or having some notion of how you were supposed to be but now you get that that's all made up bullshit and doesn't have to apply to you.

i think you're beautiful, charming and ultra chill.

i think just really defining what you want out of.life and realizing your particular special gifts will quiet some of your restlessness.

as far as big stuff to work on i haven't seen it yet. i don't know how you are in arguments. i don't know if you take things too personally or are bad at accepting fault or apologizing or any of that stuff.

so i guess just trying to dig deep about that stuff will help.
yes! you get it. it is fascinating to think about, and i get so curious about it.

really insightful response too. i think that's a pretty good analysis of what's going on with me. thanks lady.

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i don't think i've read many of your posts but when i have you always come off as insightful and kind.
thank you
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you're spread thick in all the right places, i often find myself admiring the tact by which you navigate - all while remaining both informed and pronounced. it's something i've struggled with all my life.

so again, no critique here, i can only look up.
hey thanks sunyata. you've got strengths in areas that i admire as well. guess that's why we're all here together.

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I've thought more about it and I think the distantness I feel is due to some kind of detachment. You "appear" to be here and engaging yet I somehow feel you remain distant and I am interacting with your front rather than your core.
hm, yeah. i don't know if i'm always sharing from my soul. i can operate in a superficial "play" mode for sure. one on one, my blog maybe, and if there's an issue that really strikes a nerve with me...those are probably when i get the realest on here.