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    Default What was your school stereotype?

    No quiz here just tell me. please. thank you

    for me depending on the school and people I was either "the next einstein" or the kid that was going to bring a gun to school and shoot everyone.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    some guy told me i was a "hippie preppy gangster"

    mostly i just tried to avoid going to school as much as possible. tested well but very unmotivated. got into a little trouble but not too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    No quiz here just tell me. please. thank you

    for me depending on the school and people I was either "the next einstein" or the kid that was going to bring a gun to school and shoot everyone.
    As far as TV steroetypes somewhere between FES, Urkel, except much smaller, and more hairy (so a little of this also, but as a kid).

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    (TBH this is still my stereotype in college and will probably always be my stereotype.)

    I also hardly ever went to school (well, I went but I always escaped immediately [oddly enough security never noticed even though I literally walked in front of them sometimes to get to the little gap between the fence and the wall]) and am actually still surprised anyone actually knew my name/of me. As well as surprised I even graduated, managed to pull an average GPA, and get into a few "bleh-ish" Universities. Funnily enough I also got a higher SAT score than quite a few of the honor's kids (I took it when I got my butt in gear/integrated into 3, Jr. Year). People have also made the mistake of calling me "the smart one" because I was/am quiet and a very good guesser/B.S.-er.

    Everyone pretty much stayed away from me and I stayed away from them, it was a mutual indifference, which was way better than the constant bullying I went through in middle school('cause I guess I didn't look like a nerd anymore in high school, maybe? I got contacts, gave myself a nose ring [I still have that little scar on the right side of my nose which I will have to pay to get rid of. Regrets.], discovered make up and got into fashion). I hated the forced community and social aspects, so I enjoyed being able to run away and be alone, or with my boyfriend when I met him/was with him(even then I still didn't tell him where I was when I really needed alone time). I'm certain people still thought I was weird, but at least in high school maybe it wasn't exactly a bad weird? I have no idea.

    I didn't really have "friends" until senior year, when that one ESFJ girl decided to adopt me into her friend group in order to parrot everything I said but louder as to take credit for it, which I didn't really care about so meh. I hated being in a group though and have come to realize friends(in the plural form/sense) aren't what I really want.

    All in all, I severely disliked the unity and community aspects of high school, college is a much more individualistic experience; therefore a far more enjoyable one for me in this respect.

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    I was simultaneously "the professor" and the kid with the knack of saying the dumbest thing possible in the moment.
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    The rough kids thought I was one of those drama kids, but I never even auditioned for a play (too shy).

    The popular kids thought I was a mad scientist/genius, but I actually got a B- in chemistry, a D in Biology, and I failed physics in a spectacular fashion.

    The nerds thought of me as a class clown. That was probably the most accurate assessment.

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    i don't know if there was a name for it.

    i was friends with everyone. the preppy kids, the partying kids, the geeky kids etc etc

    i probably dressed more.preppy than anything else but some of my best friends were the long haired metal heads.

    i was homecoming queen 3 years in a row
    the last year i was nominated i told them i didn't want to do it just seemed so cheesy and its not like you can do anything about it. they just pick like 3 girls in each grade and the school votes.

    so silly
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    I was that guy.

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    A loner & the very shy & quiet, arty smart girl, if that's a type.

    I did very well academically; I did not make a strain & still got good grades & qualified for advanced classes. I went to school with many kids all the way from elementary to HS, so I entered HS with the rep of being smart & an academic achiever, and I continued to be one of the best students in every class I took.

    I already liked fashion then & had too much style to be a true nerd. By then I had made it through any pre-teen awkwardness & was rather pretty, so already my shyness was looking more & more like snobbery to people. I was known (if I was known at all) for the somewhat unique articles of clothing I'd wear & the ability to draw pretty well (stuff I wore sometimes: fur coat, leather pants, silver doc martin boots, red lipstick, a transparent pink raincoat, & lots more). So even though I was socially awkward & bookish, no one made fun of me. I had a sense of being outcast, but I realize now it was more like I made myself inaccessible & not relatable.

    I missed school a lot... sometimes I'd only show up 2 days a week for months on end. My teachers overlooked absences & tardies because I did quality work & tested well. The only part I liked about school was the learning part; the social part was draining & puzzling to me. So the learning part was fine when I was there, and when not there, I was ahead enough to not get behind (if that makes sense). But I was not ambitious, and so there was not enough drive in me to be the best or make sure I'd get into some amazing college, etc. I truly was driven to do stuff because I had a curious mind, and a small part of me didn't want to be shown up by people I knew were intellectually inferior (ok, a little competitive drive).

    I didn't hang out with any kids outside of school & only glommed onto a few girls to eat lunch with when I couldn't disappear into the bathroom where I'd play with my makeup or find an isolated spot to read alone. Oddly enough, these girls were sporty types on the basketball team, but they very accepting. They were kind of dorky without being bookish, and I didn't fit with them either, but they didn't oppose me eating with them & adding the occasional comment every other week to their conversation.

    My last two years I had gotten ahead on credits & was able to leave by lunch, and at that point, I totally abandoned any efforts to have friends at school. I never participated in extracurricular activities or went to school events that weren't required. Most of what I remember from that age are the books I read, the music I discovered, the fantasizes I had, etc - all the stuff I did when I stayed home from school & immersed myself in my own world.
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