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Thread: Ego Death...

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    Default Ego Death... it pertains to typology systems.

    Ego death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I experienced something similar to this when I was much younger and going through some difficult times. William James referred to this as being "twiceborn" in his book The Varieties of Religious Experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you want a quick review of the concept this site has one

    How might this pertain to typology? While I believe that our type is based partially on genetics, I think that "nurture" plays it's part. The question I have is: What if you induced this "ego death"? What relation does your ego have to type? Could your type be changed? Is it immutable? Other than catastrophic brain injury what other ways might type be changed?
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    I think type could change the cognitive interpretations of the ego death. I'd say I've experienced this before to varying degrees, usually through deep relaxation/hypnosis/meditation. I always come out of it with a renewed excitement about my own individuality, and see it as a heightened awareness of the way my ego associates with my reality.

    But like I said, I can see other types looking at it in different ways. Or even just people who subscribe to different philosophies than mine, since of course my Kantian/Libertarian/Subjectivist-Idealist worldview colors the way I'd cognitively interpret and process the experience of an ego death.

    My INTJ boyfriend actually isn't nearly as sensitive to stuff like I am. I listen to ASMR videos all the time and can relax fairly easily to different kinds of ASMR triggers and hypnotic suggestions and meditations and whatnot, but he has a good deal of trouble with it. In what we've talked on those subjects, I've yet to hear him describe anything even remotely like an ego death.
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    Ego death is a temporary state that can lead to realizations that the ego would normally try to prevent. I dont think this could change persons type for good, but it can offer a new perspective on unconscious attitudes that might lead for example to development of inferior.
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