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    Interesting responses.

    When I first watched the video, I thought it was supposed to be humorous because the narrator is the same YouTube user who does the mockumentary-style, "True Facts About various animals." I was a bit taken aback when I realized it was serious and found the message quite relatable.

    For those who found it off-putting, I wonder if it's the words being spoken or the dance itself that caused such an aversion. If the dancer was female would it be equally awkward?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullet View Post
    Interesting responses.

    If the dancer was female would it be equally awkward?
    Interpretive dance is almost, always awkward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Mobius View Post
    An interesting video; welcome to the forum
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Misty View Post
    Glad he found an outlet. I expected this to grate on me like it did some because messages of this nature often do, but it managed to escape that.

    Question, though: is it possible, as comes up in an early line in the film, for a shy person to hurt people outside of themselves with their shyness? How?
    Good question. I think he's referring to a person who is painfully shy making others feel awkward because of his/her shyness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    I find it pleasant.
    As did I.

    Quote Originally Posted by Romello View Post
    Shyness does not equal introversion. Matter of fact, I'd argue most shy people are indeed extroverts with anxiety issues, because after all, shyness is often classified by a desire to "reach out" without having the graces to do so efficiently. True introverts would perhaps put less weight on such matters and be oblivious to any missteps they experienced under social circumstances.
    Perhaps Highly Sensitive People would have been more suitable, though statistically a greater percentage of HSP's identify as introverts.

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    Did someone say shell? I couldn't resist.

    @= Librium the video you posted, the narrative is done very well. However, the visuals seems a bit forced and unnatural. The color dance doesn't resonate well with shyness, despite my understanding of the given paradox between shyness (passiveness) and the desire to assert oneself when needed (perhaps by mimicking other colors).
    “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” -anonymous

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    i liked it. i wish more people would dance while i have to listen to monologues.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    That was beautiful and Harry is beautiful.

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    Fascinating and very touching I'm sure. How exactly does a squinting teenager playing in paint equate to shyness, however?

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    The choreography was awesome!

    It really spoke to me, well done harry!


    Introverts, there's two kinds: The forced introvert and the natural introvert.

    Actually, there's three kinds. Those two, and the MBTI introvert.

    Perhaps even four kinds. Those three, and the artificial introvert

    The artificial introvert, might not originally have been seeking outside stimuli but may have adapted this style of interaction to the point that it comes "natural" and may not cause a deficit in themselves in any way, as they chose to form themselves this way and as such, and may have many if not all the notions of a "natural introvert"; A forced introvert would be an extrovert in disguise, seeking outside stimuli to energize themselves and cannot find a way that rewards them sufficiently; The MBTI introvert looks to the inner self, how it expresses things and how it wishes to interact with the world; I'm not describing a sense of self-absorption but rather a tendency to look and decide for themselves in of themselves, the inner knows best, a kind of dislocated shoulder moving on its own accord, it is still connected to the body but moves on its own; The opposite would be to move with the outer world, not at the same pace but still with the outer world, whether a reaction or action, it touches the flow and the flow touches it, bringing with itself all other that which it touches; The introvert would be the rock, that seemingly stands still and yet it moves. Neither is more valuable than the other. Then we got the natural introvert, that which seeks lonesomeness, and don't mind their own company and prefer their own company instead of the company of others, derive energy from being alone.

    I guess, the MBTI has a focus on which direction/how something is moving,
    whereas the natural/artificial/forced introverts are about where the energy is derived from.
    Open for interpretation.
    Fell for the temptation: Nohari / Johari

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    Eh, it was a cool dance. The message of the story is kind of after-school special-ish. It's cool that Harry was able to find a niche that allowed him to develop skills and confidence and become awesome even after the bullshit he went through as a kid, but at the same time, that's the sort of narrative that seems to exist so often as to be trite. Eh... I'll admit to being more interested in how safe that paint and stuff was since it was splashed about than about the message. *shrug*
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