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View Poll Results: Which function correlates best with having critical thinking skills?

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  • Te

    9 25.00%
  • Fe

    5 13.89%
  • Ti

    29 80.56%
  • Se

    3 8.33%
  • Si

    6 16.67%
  • Ni

    13 36.11%
  • Ne

    4 11.11%
  • Fi

    9 25.00%
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    I see critical thinking as a combination of separate faculties: entertaining possibilities, analyzing them, and evaluating them. Ideally, the process works fluidly as you reform your worldview - even if the only change in perspective winds up being the acknowledgement of someone else's. (Just recognizing what the perspective is and why it's there).

    That said, it surprises me that Ne got thrashed in the polls, since even though it can be fickle, it suspends ideas in the mind's eye in a way that is separate from the core of one's worldview. It reflexively reaches out for alternatives, never quite content with being spoon fed.

    Ne aside, Ti seems to be where it's at, since it boasts some of the aforementioned properties of Ne, while taking a systemic, structured route.

    While I recognize that plenty of INTJs on this website exercise a decent amount of critical thinking skills, Te often takes ideas for granted on a subconscious level, equipping them for combat, but dropping them when they outlive their usefulness, where Ti might find a way to sharpen them until they elevate independent contemplation to an art form. Mental masturbation? Maybe. Probably. But even when it's idiotic, Ti resembles most of the same properties as critical thought.

    Honestly, I believe that critical thought can incorporate any function, but absolutely needs T,F and Px.

    Fi is simply critical. But yeah I do think my own type is an excellent candidate for one of the best critical thinkers. I rarely salvage anything worth bragging about in terms of being an INFP, but there it is and it feels good to say it.

    But I think INTPs take the cake here. I'm not sure where Se stacks into all of this, since it should be effective en tandem with Ti especially. So I wonder, @Zarathustra, if your bias about Se is heavily formed by it being your inferior.

    I would speculate that I have some bias regarding Te (Te doms tend to put me to shame when they implement their own brand of analysis, mostly because for them it's typically not a point of stress or a counter-phobic reaction), but you seem to be in agreement with me here on most of your points despite being an INTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Ti types have that logical analysis thing going on.
    yes thats a plus. But te users will go all "give
    Me a solution right now. There is no such thing as pausing for 30 sec
    To consider the system in all its myriad complexities"
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    Well the judging functions best to analyse data would be Ji (ti > fi probably).

    To collect data and recall Si is the best is it not? (Which is/recallection is a necessity for critical thinking).

    So i would say it's Ti and Si. Theoretically Fi Si should also be good (as OrangeAppled has pointed out on numerous occasions ; though i must confess i can't picture/don't know how that works). Don't kill me.

    However Se is the most objective perceiving function to the best of my learnings (which makes sense) and Te is the most objective judging function.

    So i guess the most obective functions are Te Se.
    Most equipped for critcal thinking are Ti and Si.

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    Rational critical thinking is correlated with Ti. Analysis, creating own logical, methodical thinking, breaking things down to pieces, being interested in how things work... that's all part of crital thinking and Ti descriptions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Well, Ne is bound to be good for something.

    (Feel better now?)
    Asking a fellow INTJ how they...feel?
    I don't *think* that's a good move.
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    I'd say the Ti type defaults to the most basic definition of critical thinking by simple force of habit. They must think critically. They can't help it. Those poor souls.

    I'm surprised to see Ni outranking Te. When evaluated together, if you had to describe one INJ more likely to gravitate toward classical critical thinking, it'd be the INTJ. I know when I feel like I'm evaluating and "thinking critically" Te seems at the vanguard, verifying Ni.

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    Though I'd say inclined to rather than correlate to. Intelligence correlates best with critical thinking; functions fly or fall according to intelligence.

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    I thought you developed critical thinking skills and weren't just born with them. It's not like an NT pops out of his mother and is a wiz at critical thinking. So I dunno
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I put a vote for every type, because there's no option saying "none/all of the above"
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    I think critical thinking depends largely on the subject matter and the adaptability of the person.

    I know some amazing critical thinkers in the STEM fields that don't have the first clue on how to think about their own emotional well being. I know people who can solve a problem between a family in a snap despite not knowing any of them, and yet you put a science-based question in front of them and they stumble.

    Different fields take critical thinking in different ways. The same type of critical thinking that I have to use in my school currently is not even remotely the same process of critical thinking that is required for maintaining a family and relationship with others, nor is it the same critical thinking skills required to fix a car. Even though I can work my way through a science problem, I cannot work my way through fixing a car. I lack the type of thinking skill required for it. Sure, I can learn.. but I'd be largely depending on someone else's thinking abilities. I don't have those assets myself.
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