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    1) Growth

    2) Connection/Love
    3) Significance
    4) Certainty/Security

    5) Contribution
    6) Uncertainty/Variety

    In those groupings.

    Growth first, next three tied (and all important), next two don't really care too much about.
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    Love/connection and significance are pretty neck and neck for me. As far as significance is concerned, it's not necessarily prestige I'm concerned with but rather with making sense of the world and discerning its meaning and assigning it significance. I would be crushed if life was just a joke.

    I self type as an ISFP 9dw but 4w5 is also possible.

    I seek intimacy with people who have a philosophically hopeful view of the world and are willing and able to help me make sense of it. I seek out beauty because it makes me feel like it all does mean something and helps me love more freely and fully. I love feeling wanted and needed and desired in relationships ... and the feeling of coming first with people.

    - And do you think your needs have changed over time?
    Yup. My need for variety, for example, spikes very regularly, since I don't like getting bored. Similarly, whenever I've felt shaken by unexpected life changes, I've struggled towards security. At a deeper level, though, I think connection and significance will probably be the most important to me.

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    In that order.

    Funny how those connect to Enneagram type

    I don't think these have changed

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    Based on the test:
    Growth 12
    Certainty 11
    Significance 11
    Contribution 10
    Love/Connection 8
    Uncertainty/variety 8

    I think that test was pretty accurate assessment of my needs.

    I wonder if SP variants tend to have higher certainty scores and SX variants tend to have higher uncertainty scores?
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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