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    Default Inside the Mind of a Fanboy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lessley Anderson
    Gene Fisk works at home in Silicon Valley on a startup he founded with his dad. He’s got a little baby and since his wife works, he doesn’t see much of her. They’re new to town and don’t know that many people.

    “I’m pretty bad at networking, and it’s kind of — it’s just damn lonely!” he says.

    It’s hard to stay on task. Really hard. He drinks coffee at room temperature so he can get it down faster.

    He was never especially into phones until he and his wife bought a small, cheap Nexus tablet to use as a baby monitor. They liked it, so he bought his wife a Nexus 4. He thought the stock Android operating system was way better than the “bloated software” on his HTC Amaze 4G, so he ordered the Nexus 5 for himself.

    The process of obsessively researching phones coincided with Fisk’s discovery of Google+. Despite the fact that he’s in his mid-30s, Fisk had never gotten into Facebook (he thought it was too ugly looking), but he got sucked into Google+. He would “get riled up” when people in his network posted what he considered to be lame articles about phones.

    “It starts small and someone will come in and say something that is just, you know, like either obnoxious or inaccurate,” says Fisk. “Like, this guy basically just vomited up a couple specs, like: ‘The camera’s going to be this many megapixels and stuff,’ and they were all wrong!”

    Marooned in his home office, pounding tepid coffee, Fisk meandered down the path of calling various journalists and commenters “idiots” in his posts. Especially those who unfairly bashed Android. He had, without realizing it, become a fanboy.

    “I can bitch anonymously, and I’ve tried to tone it back, because I let it get to me,” he says.

    But that’s not all that gets to Fisk. He has a meta-frustration that seems to be always vibrating in his mental circuitry, like a hum you can’t place. It has to do with the power that technology companies wield over his life.

    He talks about being “trapped in his contract” with his former phone carrier, and about being unable to receive Android updates because of some Machiavellian plot on the part of the manufacturer to force consumers to upgrade their phones. He paints Apple as a ruthless force that effectively killed Flash, the software plug-in favored by designers, by refusing to support it on Apple’s mobile devices. At the time, Fisk made his living as a Flash developer.

    “Apple to me is just a gigantic, media-bending smokescreen,” he complains.

    The frustration he feels has led him to rally behind the one company he feels might actually be doing something good in the world: Google. He loves not just the phones, but the company in general. He notes that Google has invested in aging research and helped wire the city of Kansas City, where he used to live. He says it could charge more for its Nexus phones, but doesn’t.

    “I’m sure they do nefarious stuff, but they seem like a decent company,” says Fisk. “The world wants a big company to be behind.”

    Fisk talks about Google as if it’s a political candidate running for control of the universe. With every “you’re an idiot” post he makes online, he’s unwittingly helping campaign for its world domination.
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    Wow, The Verge website tries to be all avant-garde and fails terribly. I couldn't see what the hell was going on, with a bunch of stuff randomly popping up and separating paragraphs and all. I eventually plowed my way through the whole article.

    Anyway, “It’s tribalism where nobody dies.” sums it up quite nicely. It fulfills that innate desire to pick teams and dig heels. .. ... and, I hate to go here--but that's also how way too many people treat type, too.


    Holy shit man, you sound like such a bitch. Hope you haven't run out of Kleenex yet. If you like the damn Maxx... GET THE DAMN MAXX AND STFU ALREADY! For crying out loud.

    “I can bitch anonymously, and I’ve tried to tone it back, because I let it get to me,” he says.

    He’d try to stay level-headed, not call people names. It turned out that wasn’t possible. “I get fired up reading comments and my fingers go nuts on the keyboard,” he says.

    Welcome to the internet, where the disproportionately reactionary people drown out everyone else.

    But I don't see how, say,
    The Nexus 5 has a pathetic battery life, WORST, And Touchwiz is in FACT the laggiest shittiest worst UI on Android. Touchwiz sucks, Its laggy on fucking all phone, Even the s4. Like really, It looks like it was designed by Fisher Price.
    Anonymous Fanboy (YouTube)
    is necessarily a fanboy thing--it's one review of one thing. At least not as much as clams at entire companies' offerings, putting fingers in ears, and making personal attacks--and threats with shotguns.

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    I've always thought that people become fanboys of products because they don't want to feel like idiots for having bought the 'wrong' product or the 'worse' product.

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