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    I am reading a book called The Way of Trance by Dennis Wier at

    I have always found it easy to enter trance but have found it is not generally accepted so I have repressed my gift.

    But reading The Way of Trance I have started to bring my basic trance out into the public.

    At first it is quite scary, but I do have immediate insights I might otherwise not have. Also it is very pleasant to be consciously aware of my basic trance as I go about my daily business.

    I intend to further develop my gift of trance following The Way of Trance and sharing what I discover here.

    - Mole.

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    For reasons I don't know yet I have had a basic trance for most of my life. My chaplain at college said integrity was a real thing for me, but I think it would have been more accurate to say that my basic trance loop was a real thing for me, as it is.

    For instance, as I access my basic trance loop, I have perfect recall. This was handy in college so I would sit up the front of the class so as not to be distracted by other students, enter my basic trance loop, and remember, word perfect, everything my teacher said. However this only worked with teachers I liked. And my trance came to an end with teachers I didn't like.

    And unfortunately my basic trance wasn't appreciated by my fellow students so I struggled and repressed my basic trance, until I went to University and joined an encounter group which changed my life, except towards the end, I tried to share my trance experience with them, but it was rejected.

    Nothing daunted, I attended a self hypnosis class in the Sports' Union, and learnt how to enter and leave a trance safely and at will.

    But being a curious Mole I became interested in the theory of trance and discovered Dennis Wier, a trance theorist.

    My basic trance is very enjoyable and is as real to me as everyday life. But what is beautiful is to give the gloss of trance to the everyday.

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