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    Quote Originally Posted by Qre:us View Post
    - Wearing a bikini suit in public is okay, but wearing a bra and panties is gasp-worthy. Wut? Women's bathing suits get scantier, while men's bathing suits get more and more baggy, with time.

    - Criticizing religious faiths is on par with committing the taboo of racism, sexism, etc. Why?

    - Brides-to-be and groom-to-be both get bachelorette/bachelor's party. Bride gets a bridal shower. Nothing for the groom? Baby shower - again, women. What about the fathers? What if it's a same-sex relationship?

    - A lot of other stuff with gender roles.

    - A white dude in USA is an American. A black dude in USA is African-American. Default is white.

    - Responding when you have nothing to say, but because they contacted you, it's good "etiquette" to respond back.

    - Wearing black at a funeral? Bride wearing white at a wedding? (Western cultural rules)

    - White after labour day?

    - Tipping

    - "ought", "ought", "ought"....IS.
    i was totally just talking about how stupid i think that is. american vs native american or african american. first of all the default should be the native americans but what bs is it that white peeps aren't called caucasion americans or really the whole thing of differentiating it in the first place is lame.
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    -Jim Morrison

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    Can someone post a list to choose from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by underwaterthing View Post
    A minor one: the notion that you have to say "have a nice day" anytime you have a short exchange with an acquaintance or stranger. There's politeness (like saying "please" and "thank you"), and then there's just blatant insincerity. It always makes me cringe to hear it, and especially to actually say it.
    When they tell me to have a nice day, I reply, I will try, but if I don't succeed, I will blame you. And this invariably brings forth a smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrderOfTheCaelifera View Post
    Good lord, I just looked up what's considered to be the etiquette in my country. Couldn't stop laughing, some of those things are plain weird behaviors!
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    Whoever decided that dodge ball is an unacceptable game for kids to play is a fucking idiot.
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

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    Table manners.

    Which fork to use, which hand you can use it with, having to use a knife to cut soft foods instead of just your fork, napkin on the lap instead of a more useful many table manners interfere with my enjoyment of a good meal. Yet, the nicer the meal you have, the more they are expected. As long as I'm not getting food all over myself or making a mess so that others at the table aren't disturbed, I'd prefer these rules go away.

    I'd also like to get rid of the little dance where people argue over the bill. If I offer to pay, I'm sincere. I hate the "no, no, let me" gesture where people reach for their wallet and they have to make two token arguments before they sigh and say thank you.
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    How about I list one that does make sense?

    Being nice. In many cases it gets you what you want...except for sex.

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    in my generation we are enforced to believe we are going to fail all the time. SO they give us trophies for the littlest things we do, for making us anxious as fuck all the time.
    when kids in high school are trained to believe the only intelligent ones are the ones being educated through high school morals. Ha. I think that is one of the biggest deceptions of all time. I love seeing the upper class men I worked with on school council, the ones who ridiculed me for doing drugs, said I was going no where and shouldn't be class president. I love seeing them drop out of college because they're alcoholics now and failed all there classes... OOPS. maybe you should of calmed down and had a beer,before going insane when you realize the rest of world drinks and does drugs.

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    code switching. having to use more or less formal speech in different settings.

    thank you cards - or cards in general. they should be an option, not a requirement.

    giving an excuse for declining an invitation.

    smiling and pretending your day/life is great when you're feeling bad or life sucks. not helpful to anyone.

    not singing/dancing/whistling/otherwise being goofy in public. let it fly, man.
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