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    Default Question for kinesthetic learners

    So there is this guy that's interested in me, think he's an estp possible istp doesn't matter (he gets nervous around me it's kinda hard to tell). What I do know:he is a kinesthetic learner, what intrigues me: every time we have a conversation and he doesn't get where I'm coming from he starts to match my movements like imitate my body language like he thinks certain body movements match certain thoughts and if he does them he'll crack the code or something, he does this very subtle but it kinda starts to feel like I'm looking in a mirror, naturally this got me thinking, so I guess this is my question: do you try to understand people in these terms, how does your kinesthetic learning style translate in behavior towards other people, does it extend to people or you think something else has a bigger part in forming your perceptions of others and the kinesthetic learning style it's reserved for the physical environment?

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    I don't know I don't pick up concepts unless I'm doing. But I don't think it translates to social life, but I'll have to pay attention and get back to you
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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