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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    I find comfort in depression. It's one of the few times I really let myself be, I guess, because things can't really get much worse. I end up dissociating gently and become very self-sufficient, which makes me calm and quiet. Definitely lends itself to introspection and intimacy both with one's self and with others.
    I think it is a good idea to distinguish between depression and Clinical Depression.

    Clinical Depression is a psychosis described in DSM-IV. And it causes great suffering.

    No one with Clinical Depression finds comfort in it. And Clinical Depression does not lend itself to introspection and intimacy with one's self and with others.

    The confusion between depression and Clinical Depression only contributes to emotional cruelty towards those with a mental illness or psychosis.

    Clinical Depression is a psychosis while depression is not.

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    And we at MBTI are not exempt - we have just recently banned a psychotic from MBTI.

    This psychotic has been banned, that is, socially excluded from other sites and says so.

    And we are no different - we are emotionally cruel to psychotics - we stick the knife in a little deeper....

    The mentally ill have been released quite recently from the Asylums - the mentally ill have been released from their prisons - they are now out in our community but we still shun them - we still ban them. This is called emotional cruelty.

    So I invite all those of good will to join me in welcoming our sisters and brothers, particularly those with a mental illness, into MBTI and make them feel welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    These are neurotic words - they are directed entirely at control - these are words without understanding of those with a mental illness. These are words which justify emotional cruelty.
    I have yet to witness someone banned from here strictly because they had a mental illness. People are banned because they break the (liberal) board standards too many times and I am guessing because it causes too much work for the volunteers to keep up.

    Your request that people who repeatedly break the board standards be allowed to remain and continue to do on the basis of their being mentally ill places the people who run and operate this board (from their own free time and money) in the capacity of needing to be mental health professionals and to decide who is truly mentally ill and who is not and to provide some kind of safe haven where those declared mentally ill would be allowed to act out as they needed to. This board was never intended to be such as far as I can see from the FAQ.

    There is nothing neurotic about saying your request goes beyond the scope and purpose of this board. From every indication this board is not a mental health support board, it is a MBTI discussion board.

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    Many years ago I was on a board with a member who most likely had a mental illness (maybe more than one). Paranoid and antisocial I would guess. Probably naracistic, possibly delusional. She had unconventional views on subjects and would fly into a rage if anyone questioned her views or expressed an opinion she disagreed with. She would question your morals, intelligence, ability as parent, and whether you really love you child (amoung other things) if you disagreed with her views. Vicious personal attacks.

    The board was unmoderated.

    Other members sent private e-mails along the lines of "just ignore her" "she's just going through a rough patch in her life" etc. I tried, but being on the board was too emotionally stressful for me. I am guessing that the I was not the only one that didn't stick around.

    So I wouldn't exclude someone for mental illness, but I would not allow a disruptive member to ruin others enjoyment of the board or drive others away. I think if their was a person who had occasional outbursts, but apologized afterward and was working on improvement I would make an exception, maybe with a temp ban for a time out.


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    The Divided Self is just Cognitive Dissonance. The symptoms can be treated.

    Or rather the symptoms can be treated if they are as a result of external stressors, rather than internal memories. And if the patient is healthy blood pressure-wise.
    Freud is 80% fraud, all except the E for Ego
    The difference between the Psi Cops (psychiatrists)
    and the Psi Corps (psychologists) is the R for Relationship.


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    Interesting article, but low marks in school don't mean low intelligence though, can simply mean something is preventing the person from applying themselves.

    BBC NEWS | Health | Low marks linked to schizophrenia

    Saturday, 9 August 2008 00:03 UK

    "UK and Swedish researchers followed more than 900,000 children born between 1973 and 1983.

    The Psychological Medicine paper found getting an E grade in any GCSE-stage exam was linked to a doubling of the small risk of developing schizophrenia.

    But a mental health charity said the illness was often linked with high, rather than low, intelligence...."

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