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by keep telling them that they're in denial about it? is it moral. What if they're life depended, on it, like let's say they go somewhere and if they tell this guy their real name they're going to get murdered. and no one knows, except you, would it be ok to convince the person that they were someone completely different? because you couldn't explain rationaly enough as to why they should lie, and they're very stubborn?
I wouldn't do it. If I understand the post, it would require me to mindfuck/gaslight someone - basically break them by disconnecting their trust in their own perception and knowledge, relying on deception to do so - and I think that's a horribly violent thing to do to someone. I don't even know if I actually could do it, but whatever the case, that's a kind of violence I'm not willing to do. As for saving their life - if telling the person outright doesn't do it, it's not my responsibility to do violence to them supposedly "for their own good." We all die eventually.