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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    Sorry about your insomnia.
    Have you tried milk?
    Yes, but to no avail. It's just a temporary thing, though (application season).

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    I may not be typical in this, but I find I don't get angry very often at all. My dad (INTJ) is the same way. He said he can't even remember the last time he got angry and I don't think I can ever recall him yelling or even raising his voice at someone.

    For me, I'm much more inclined to become frustrated and/or sad. If I've been let down by someone, I might get sad that I held onto the expectation that they would come through in the given situation and that. I might get frustrated with myself that I let myself hope for it. Almost always the emotion is turned inward. Even on a global scale, when I feel helpless to make a difference or I feel that humans are blind to so much, I tend to react in sadness. Maybe some individuals are more prone to react in anger (turning emotion outward?) Maybe I've just had the example of my dad to shape my responses. I also find I'm more likely to react to disappointments with sadness if I'm tired and with frustration if I'm not. Though usually in a well rested state, I'm neither.

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