Mine are kind of messed up because of the way I was raised. I was raised to be "good" not really good *at* anything. Just good. Sometimes I think they must have intended for me to marry someone rich but forgot to tell me that.

I am supposed to be ladylike but humble. I'm supposed to be quiet and pleasant and a good Christian. I'm supposed to be modest and honest and polite. They would have liked neat and scholarly but I think they gave up on those.

I did not marry a rich man. So I taught myself how to cook. I sort of already knew how to clean, I just hadn't done it regularly. Never got good at doing that. Got pregnant pretty fast, so I learned how to take care of small children and read some parenting books.

So what I expect for myself now is that I meet all basic obligations to the family I've helped make. I will drive them, I will pay the bills, I will grocery shop. I will handle crises at school. I will be there for them to talk to. I expect myself to try to help out extended family/friends when they need it and I have the resources to help.

I expect myself to be civil and calm. I expect myself to be generous when I have resources. I expect myself to be supportive. I don't expect myself to be selfless or any kind of domestic goddess. I expect myself to speak up for justice when I can. I don't always expect myself to meet my expectations. I don't expect myself to be great or famous or to be remembered. I do expect myself to learn what I reasonably can about the world and human conditions.

I expect myself to be fairly clean and neat when I leave the house.

I expect to be able to read a lot of books for entertainment.

I expect to eventually contribute financially to my family.

I expect to help care for any grandchildren and for my mother one day.

I expect to help with home repairs.

I expect to be healthy for a long time and I expect I have to make some effort for that to happen. But not a lot.

I expect myself to be able to learn how to do almost anything I want to learn how to do.

That's about all I've got right now.