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    I was diagnosed by a professional when I was 15.
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    I made an appointment to go see a psychologist, met up with the guy, then…. never actually went in for a session. I guess it was because the forum asked "What do you want to get out of counseling?" And I didn't want anything aside from a professional opinion. Yet, it appeared as if I'd be asking for direction. I did not like that id be interacting with this guy under the pretenses of being his patient. lol

    The language of psychology is objective. Linguistically, it is designed in the format of "treating" "diseases". Once read an essay that stated that psychological diseases are metaphorical diseases, mistaken for real diseases and treated as real diseases. There are exceptions, like…. genuine sociopathy. which psychology wouldn't remedy.

    Though, it is obvious to me that I experience emotions radically different than others. Either i react too much or too little (normally the ladder). But when I do let things get to me, it's all at once, it's every little thing, and I am confused as to it's origin. Too me that sounds like a repressed nine thing.

    i don't know. I guess try to understand myself better, and personality theory as well as autistic theory has both managed to illuminate things i'd otherwise be clueless about. Bits and pieces.

    i did read this book once, that explained the six different types of psychopathy, and it mentioned that American psychology did not distinguish the different types, they generalized all of them into one diagnoses. One type was genuine, caused by the inherited trait, another type was caused via contamination by interacting with people who behaved in a psychopathic manner, another by schizoidal personality, … can't remember the rest. My point in mentioning this is, It gives me the impression that there are varying degrees of mental "illness", some organic in nature and others adopted developmentally, some mild, and others quite debilitating.
    "The unconscious mind should be called the super-conconsious mind."

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