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    Default heavy drinking linked to cognitive dimisnishment in middle age men

    I think this is interesting and makes sense for my dad, who's drank heavily since was 18 and is now 69 he's drank every day his whole adult life. and my mom suspects alzheimer's but I now suspect it's because of his alcoholism. and by heavy I mean he goes to the bar has at least 3 drinks if not more comes home has like 3-5 bourbons and is often reeking of booze and is drunk when he gets home. but he's cognition has gotten a lot worse I mean not normal coginitive decline I mean steep.
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    I think people forget or don't realize how heavy alcohol binging or daily heavy drinking changes your biochemical reaction to alcohol thus producing alcoholism .. And this is why an alcoholic can say, "I'll only have one drink." But it never plays out that way. It's literally now beyond their control. This issue always hurts my heart.

    I'm not sure it's the only thing that diminishes cognitive capacities later in life but I'm not surprised it's one of the many culprits.
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