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    I kinda wish I could monitor my emotional state and see a graph of what I was feeling over the course of a day, and possibly get an alert via text message if I'm about to lose my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Also, this is kind of interesting

    When you 'sense' emotions from someone, it does feel like a heat wave or a kind of 'aura' of energy that they're giving off, at least to me. Combined with body language it gives a pretty accurate reading once you know what to sense/look for.
    I thought the same thing. Maybe the unexplainable "vibes" you pick up from a person and getting a sense of what they're feeling is you unconsciously "reading" their body heat in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unsung View Post
    I thought the same thing. Maybe the unexplainable "vibes" you pick up from a person and getting a sense of what they're feeling is you unconsciously "reading" their body heat in some way.
    Wouldn't surprise me, tbh.

    It's like when they discovered that crystals give off a vibe and have their own frequency. To me, this is just science catching up to some of the stuff we already intuitively know.

    Warning: controversial drama-inducing potential ahead

    These might just be the things that are at the core of paranormal practices. The gift of Empathy is commonly referred to in witch circles and New Age people, as is the use of different gems and crystals. Granted, those things haven't been proven to actually have a beneficial effect the way that New Age claims - but they do send out a frequency. And people do sent out a certain energy signature when feeling something, so it would seem. It's not a stretch to realise we pick up on these things. We already know that other people's emotions affect us. It has yet to be determined, I believe, whether or not and in what capacity crystals affect us with their frequency. Hell, if we throw reading auras in there with all its colour associations - again, colours affect our moods and it's not unreasonable to associate them with those moods - it becomes even more fun.

    Sure, there is a lot of charlatans and wishful thinking in those spheres....but it is interesting to see that it has at least *some* foundation to things and that people aren't as mad as previously believed.

    I cannot wait for science to prove that crystals are in fact alive and that frequency is their version of our emotional body heat signature

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