My gf reads lots of self-help/positive psychology books. A major plank of positive psychology is gratitude and not caring about more, despite striving being part of the human condition. I accept this paradox, but then does it bother you if people label for you being contradictory/paradoxical when it's normal in the human condition? isn't that like condemning somebody for abstract thought or bipedal locomotion?

Kind of like I have these beliefs:

- I hate psychology and all of its adherents and don't want anything to do with any of them, but when I visit my mom's Rotary Club, she has a friend/co-member who is a psychologist and wouldn't mind dating/banging if she were not married.

- I hate prejudice in all forms, but dislike Arabs and/or Muslims since I don't like how they think/reason.

- I am a Gooner, but like Tottenham, even though they're going out in the 3rd round soon.

- I hate psychiatry, but then judge others' mental illness/fitness per the DSM (I downloaded a copy lately, the 5th edition). I have a psychiatrist who is very adept at his job.

I guess I don't need to get why, as people don't often make sense and are not rational.