Do strangers offer unsolicited help to you very often in real life? If so, do you perceive any pattern as to why? If not, any idea why not?

No, not often. The only time I have consistently received offers for help was when I was putting my small people up or down from my back.

People would freak out, run over trying to help me. It was weird. I guess they thought I was going to drop the kid. I do admit the first time I saw the maneuver performed on a small baby, I was a bit horrified. It just really surprised me. I had times when I was heavily pregnant, struggling with groceries, packages, etc., but no one offered any help. So I guess it wasn't for me but for the poor baby!

I would say I don't receive offers of help because I don't "look" like I need it. "She can take care of herself." Even when I was a young woman, I almost never received offers for help.

Tall and not small.
Hmm...Can vary depending on what I have on my mind.
It's fairly rural-like where I live but I frequently go into an urban setting.

I don't remember anything specific beyond middle-aged white people, usually a couple, running over to offer assistance. To my credit, I never dropped a single baby...well, at least not while getting them up and down off my back.