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    My grandpa took my 6 year old brother to the fair until 1:30 am riding the rides when he was manic. He also used to drive fast, talk to strangers in the grocery store (detailing his sexual history in my grandma's presence), and buy all kinds of fun stuff like trampolines (before anyone we knew owned one) and three wheelers. I think he enjoyed his manic times a lot.

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    I've never experienced mania but I've been on meds for depression off and on for about 10 years. On one hand, I wish I'd been on meds for it when I first started to struggle with depression, because they really help. On the other hand, the side effects suck. I can imagine I'd be even less motivated to take them if I were enjoying any part of the experience.

    The beta blockers, though I am sad about having an arrythmia and having to take them, the side effects I actually like. They blunt some of the anxiety I also have but am not medicated for (because it's manageable without meds most of the time). And they make it so I don't feel and hear every heartbeat.

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    I crashed I still don't want to take them even though I have no energy all I want to do is sleep and am really apathetic. I just don't care. I told my case manager was depressed but didn't mention I had quit my meds

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