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  • 0-9 not manic to hypomanic

    1 14.29%
  • 10-17 possibly manic

    3 42.86%
  • 18-21 mild to moderately manic

    1 14.29%
  • 22-35 manic

    1 14.29%
  • 36-53 Moderate to severly manic

    0 0%
  • 54 severely manic

    1 14.29%
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Thread: mania quiz

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    35. This is definitely not one of my manic phases, since the depressive symptoms are quite strong.

    Psychometrics are crap. Especially one based on self-report on the web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuddleRiver View Post
    25 This test is BS. I'm the least manic person I know.
    it's an internet test, what did you expect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    it's an internet test, what did you expect?
    It was actually ripped straight from the MMPI-2, which as you know is not an internet test.
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