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Thread: Lucid dreaming

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    While I have always had vivid dreams, occassionally precognitive dreams and astral travel, I've yet to experience lucid dreaming.

    I've tried to learn to do them but it disrupts my sleep patterns (waking multiple times in the night, dreaming seeral different dreams but always coming back into wakefulness) to such a degree that I cannot stick to them while I am working. I work shifts and getting good rest is imperative, I cant have a night where I dont sleep well. Maybe its something I will return to when I no longer work the ridiculous hours that I do.

    For now I'm settling for dream interpretation over conscious control of my dreams. I'm sure its an awesome skill to have to unravelling the subconscious.

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    Lucid dreaming always came on with sleep paralysis for me. Sleep paralysis came on with an inconsistent sleeping pattern. Like odd naps in the middle of the day. In order to calm the paralysis, I'd allow myself to slip into a lucid dream until regular sleep came on again.

    I'm pretty certain there are exercises you can look up online to induce lucid dreaming. I've also seen lucid dreaming assignments, such as saying to yourself in your dream, "To infinity and beyond," just to see where the dream might lead you.

    Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis used to be much more common for me. These don't happen as much nowadays. Usually if I sense the paralysis coming on during a nap, I wake up instead. Doesn't matter how many times I experience it, sleep paralysis will always be scary.
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