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    Focus on the end goal and outcome? A lot of people are stupid and incompetent (even though I am sure that some of them are convinced that they are "highly competent") but the main point of doing a job you hate is getting money, right? Rage and anger can be a great motivator to get the fuck out and move on once the right opportunity strikes.

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    Ever since I was a little girl, I repeated the mantra 'he who angers me, conquers me.' Over and over and over. Weird for an 8 year old but I AM a redhead. This conditioning has completely vanquished most anger responses when some selfish idiot is just begging for somome to shrink their over-inflated ego to the size of a flaccid raisin. If I loose my composure, they beat me. Hell no!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salomé View Post
    You heard? Lol. Meanwhile, I've seen your profile pic...
    Nuff said.
    His profile pic is glorious.

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    I give this thread 5 outta 5 stars

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