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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Bubble View Post
    Dunno. It's there for now while I'm being lazy in the field of self-discovery. I have and still am considering ENP.

    Do you relate, then?
    Yes, though there are people mixed in that think I'm a super genius…
    I think it's because I sometimes say deep, insightful things…
    Money Runs the World,
    Might Makes Right,
    and There is No Meaning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post
    Anyone else relate to this? INTP thing?
    People who speak multiple languages fluently, especially from a young age, sometimes mix up their speech when they try to speak in a particular language; they might mix languages or use the wrong kinds of syntax for a given language. They might use the wrong words as well, since words have different meanings in different languages. They have too much going on in their heads in terms of information that it makes them look stupid when they have trouble sorting it out.

    I have a similar problem where I can stutter because I think of many different ways to say something and if I try to say it too quickly my sentences fragment into the different ways to say something. So I typically speak slowly and precisely (I learned too), so that I have time to say something and then follow through on it so that it makes sense and gets my point across. When I was younger, I thought it made me stupid, but now I know it doesn't.

    I imagine a similar thing is going on with you when you need to explain something simply to someone. You know a lot, but they expect only a portion of what you know. It doesn't make you stupid, it probably makes them ignorant instead...I'd say.

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    'Street smart' or more practical people tend to look more intelligent in day-to-day situations. Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber would probably think I'm stupid if I was at a stripclub.

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