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    I've generally rushed to try and help people without thinking of the consequences. There was once this mob brutally beating up a guy for shoplifting (Yeah, this sort of stuff happens in India all the time. Don't ask), and I tried to rush in and stop them, much to the horror of my parents who pointed out, correctly, that all that would happen was that I'd probably get beaten up as well.

    I've heard of accident victims who nobody bothered to help. A woman jumped off the building where I stay, and nobody even tried to check whether she was alive except for my ENTP father, (we didn't know which floor she'd fallen from)

    Once a little girl was knocked off her bicycle by a bigger vehicle in my city. Instead of rushing her to the hospital, the onlookers decided that it was more fruitful to beat up the person who'd hit her - and she died because of this negligence.

    I find it absolutely frustrating and heartbreaking.

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    If I see an emergency and suddenly have to snap to attention, I'm likely to stand there bewildered and try to figure out what's going on and what to do about it until the chance to do it has passed. Unless it's clear to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I recently was nearly robbed and broke my kneecap in the process. Somewhere around 30 people could clearly see the entire thing go down, and yet only one person came by to ask if I was ok. WTF is with people?!?
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I was actually chasing the mother****er down after he broke into my apartment- he should be glad that I wasn't armed, as my first impulse would have been to shoot him in the back as he ran away Being a klutz, I tripped, fell and broke my patella and couldn't walk... only one person came by at all.
    Hope it heals soon.

    Did they actually see that he had broken in? Or maybe they saw you chasing him and assumed you were the aggressor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clover View Post
    Oh, also, while I was on the train this weekend I had a fight with my father and was crying for almost two hours on the way home (not sobbing obnoxiously, mind you) and nobody bothered to ask what was the matter or even offered a word of condolence. Not that I was looking for attention, but I sure felt lonely when everyone just glanced curiously at me then went back to reading their magazines. That was obviously a pretty insignificant situation to me, but if people can't even step up to comfort their fellow man, how can we expect them to help someone when they face a more dire situation?
    I'd look at you with concern, not curiosity, and probably leave you alone unless you seemed like you wanted to be disturbed. On the other hand, I would appreciate it if someone, not everyone, voiced some concern for me, so I'm not sure why I'd assume and act like you wouldn't.

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