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Thread: Dreams and MBTI

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkgraffiti View Post
    wow that's so interesting. but however, i'd argue that dreams are a manifestation of the unconscious mind, not unconscious function. right? a function is a mechanism to bring thoughts to the surface, thoughts which can be conscious or unconscious. don't you agree?
    But if the conscious functions reside and are used in the conscious mind, then it makes sense that the same is true for the unconscious functions. I mean, they have to be somewhere in the brain. And dreams are from the unconscious, so it would make sense that they are let loose - or at least, perceived - at this stage.

    Thoughts that go unprocessed go into the unconscious, right? And dreams are you viewing these thoughts being processed. You are seeing into your unconscious. Dreams will definitely be coloured by conscious thoughts though. Maybe it's just that all the functions are freer during these states, which is why people get insight or come to epiphanies from dreams.

    also, you've made me think that probably the nature of dreams is much more connected to the enneagram than to mbti.....
    Yes, I think it may be intimately connected to Enneagram.

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    I commonly dream about heights (having to precariously walk on high bridges or the tops of buildings) and water (usually below whatever is high). When I find myself in the water, I feel scared, isolated and helpless. Usually there are other people in my dreams, but I never am saving anyone and no one is ever helping me.

    Another common theme I dream about is driving. I've had quite a few dreams where I'm talked into going on a long trip that I didn't really want to go on, and them the driver of the car disappears on the freeway, and I'm forced to scramble to take control of the car as it's barreling down the freeway. I also dream about not being able to control my car.

    Things randomly take flight a lot in my dreams. I recall the first time I ever was able to control my dream, I was walking in the rafters high up in a barn. Really scared going from beam to beam. Then I like realized I was dreaming and starting leaping and floating around up there. It was a lot of fun. Motorcycles around me on the freeway have taken flight before too.

    I also have a weird recurring theme whenever I'm in a serious relationship where either me or him are suddenly in a situation where we're intimate with someone else. I've dreamed that my husband was marrying a friend and that I was in the wedding. I've dreamed that I was someone else's girlfriend and we kiss, then suddenly I remember about the guy I'm with. In all of those situations, I feel like I'm trying to fight to see reality, and that everyone is moving me along too quickly to see it. Like, "wait, this isn't right. why am I not okay with this?" but I can't put my finger on it. Then, when it's too late I realize what's going on and feel terrible. In the ones where my guy is the one with another girl, I always try to be really cool with it, try to bury how I feel, but inside I'm really hurt.

    Of course I have work dreams too. It's almost always some crazy situation where I'm in way over my head and I can't keep up.

    I've had quite a few dreams about death or dead people. I dream that family members die and I have to drag their body around or bury it in my yard. I dream that people who have died are back, and I know they've died and I talk to them about dying.

    I like the observation you made about dreams being possibly more related to the enneagram. It makes sense, basic fears and stuff. It seems like most of my dreams I feel out of control of my situation. Not sure if that's a 7w6 thing or not.
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    I've used intuition within dreams I have had. Not many times keep this in mind, but I have done so.

    By intuition, I basically mean a sentence, word or so on coming to you out of nowhere.

    I'd also say my dream recall is pretty amazing though, compared to an average dreamer.

    I will go as far to speculate, that when I dream. My ability to break something down (or look at the bigger picture) with thought, is effectively not existent within the dream.
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    Dreams are all Ni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    Dreams are all Ni.
    Are they?

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