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    Lightbulb LessWrong - fix your own thinking by identifying and counteracting your biases

    Dear fellow typologists,

    I would like to take this opportunity to direct your attention to the following website:

    This website is part of an evolving movement of people that aim to use modern pscyhology's knowledge of our biases in order to fix our own thinking.

    As many of you probably know, one of the most prevalent (and most dangerous) is confirmation bias:

    Confirmation bias is a tendency to seek out information that agrees with what you already know and believe. One way to counteract confirmation bias is a simple rule: Assume You're Wrong. This is hard to implement in practice, but it basically involves using theory of mind - try to see the issue from the perspective of someone else who doesn't know what you know or is more objective. Your knowledge of type might actually be useful here - you can use theory of mind to assume the perspective of another type and try to see it from their perspective.

    The purpose of this thread is not just to bring awareness to LessWrong - I think it would be cool if we could come together in this thread and document a variety of kinds of biases, which we can then link to around the forum when we think we might see them in action. So, if you have the time, try to find a bias on LessWrong or Wikipedia or elsewhere and briefly educate us on it (be sure to include hyperlinks).

    When pointing out a bias, try to try to be polite and tactful (this is definitely a note to self for me!). For instance, it is somewhat risky to accuse someone of confirmation bias (doing so is a kind of ad hominem in and of itself), as it can come off as rude. Furthermore, psychological studies show that rather than fixing the confirmation bias, those confronted may double down on their biased beliefs, creating a tense, heated situation. However, our very knowledge of our tendency to double down on our beliefs when confronted with the proposition that our beliefs are due to confirmation bias can perhaps help us to escape confirmation bias altogether.

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    This is a great article that is especially useful for online forums: Better Disagreement

    I also propose a DH8 argument, which is a collaborative version of DH7: Work together to improve both arguments, identify the strengths and weaknesses of each, and if one cannot be collaboratively chosen as the winner, identify what experiment can be conducted or what information can be obtained to move forward on the issue.

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