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    I can see some people (especially extroverts and feelers) suffering a great deal if they ever become lonely or isolated. But for some reason this doesn't bother me. I'd rather have good friends and the joy it all brings, yes, but I don't and I'm living just fine. Maybe it's that I'm alone (like spending time alone), but not lonely. I suppose if I ever started getting feelings of loneliness (why, I don't know), then it would start eating away at me.

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    I’ve spent most of the last 5 years alone.
    Its has been very difficult. I have wanted contact, but it always feels…off.
    But it’s getting better. It has caused me to reevaluate my beliefs about many things. I have determined that what we call ‘personality’ is in fact a collection of small, habitual reactions, and that these things can be changed, with care, and that life is not rational but aesthetic in nature. And most importantly, that following one’s intuition is the most valuable skill to possess, and that everyone can develop this faculty.

    EDIT: The most important thing I have determined is that emotions are very, very important, and one's ability to feel them is critical for mental and physical health. The ability to use intuition is the ability to feel emotion combined with reason. seperated, each is dramatically less powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapLawyer View Post
    Maybe it's that I'm alone (like spending time alone), but not lonely.
    I used to say "I am alone but not lonely," but ultimately I think I was lying to myself. A sort of coping mechanism. I don't mean to speak for you, I'm certainly in no place to make any pronouncement about you. Your comment just stuck out in my mind.

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    Good. I can kill myself and be alone at the same time.

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    I moved into a new place by myself back in January of this year. I did this because I felt I wanted to start over, get a fresh start, really get to working on myself.

    It was *incredibly* isolating and at times the lonliness was really horrific. My old life was mostly gone, none of my "friends" seemed interested in talking to me, and I was still raw from my break up.

    It took a lot of time but I found peace in solitude and now today I'm actually glad to be living alone. I like my home being my private little sanctuary. I'm planning on moving into a place with my older brother (for practical purposes, not financial. I make more than enough to remain where I am) and the thought actually bothers me a little bit. I feel like my borders and my boundaries are getting smaller.

    That all being said, I'm doing much better now because I've managed to reconnect to my old D&D group via Skype and hang out with a new circle of friends ever weekend. I know that before both of these things cam together I was struggling. The isolation and the sense of meaninglessness than can come when you don't connect to any kind of group for a prolonged period of time can be brutal.

    So yeah, it's a juggling act and I completely believe that prolonged periods of loneliness can be quite harmful to your health. I feel very lucky to be in the situation that I am now that I'm not so lonely anymore...
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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