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    Question Sleep. But when?

    So, you're a self-described "night person" who has long been in the habit of staying up and sleeping in late when they get the chance. You just feel more energetic and creative in the wee hours. You've done some of your best work after midnight.

    But, there are large advantages to being up earlier, too. More socialization and networking opportunity, the benefits of disciplining yourself. The independence of having a sleep/wake cycle that needs not jump around according to the needs of your boss and family. Eventually, could it boost your energy and creative mind more than a late night ever did?

    What do you think? Does a "night owl" benefit and produce more by sticking with the schedule that feels right to them, or by adjusting themselves to get up and go to bed at a regular, earlier time?
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    Ive always been a night person. But it sucks, because you cant get anything done that away if its not over the net; like you said everything in terms of having a life happens during the day. I think its better to live during the day, I noticed though the reason I like to live at night is escapism; noone bothers me, and I dont have to take resposnibility for anything. That could just be me though, but I think living during the day is more responsibe.

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