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    A journey in being – an unprecedented evolutionary process is under way. This great shift will transform the globe, that is, each and every human being has promise to become something greater, whether in this life or in the life ahead. We will rise above and beyond the limitations of this mundane plane. Universal peace would be an excellent first step in the accomplishment of this task. Through the systematic spread of knowledge, universal peace can be assured, resulting as a natural consequence of enlightenment. We cannot bring violence upon one another for not being able to accept our many fundamental differences. It is better to be accepting of individuality, to let the unique abilities of each person come together and change the world. All people are important and can play vital roles in the progressive development of society. Different people are going to have different opinions as well. These many opinions come together to create what’s real, each belief having its own immanence within the world. Every man’s own beliefs are spheres that can collide with each other to shape the dynamics of our perceptions. Perspective is where it’s at. It’s all relative to how we each see things. This makes it so that truth is subjective. Reality is determined by the observer. Emphasis then should be focused not on empiricism, but rather on co-creation.
    What is the meaning of life? I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible. No matter what obstacles stand in man’s way, he must remain determined in the chase to do things unprecedented in our own time. Examples of lofty achievements man can strive to fulfill include world peace, universal enlightenment, unified love, and ultimate power. Goals such as these may not be immediately achievable in our own lifetimes, or even in the foreseeable future, but they nonetheless can serve as guiding stars for the progressive development of man. If we follow this starlight all the way to the edge of the horizon, then we can come this close to reaching the destination of perfection.
    Ironically, the best destination is one that is not prematurely determined. The important thing is the journey, the way in which we discover true being. The experience is what will bring out our inner essence into the light and develop our potential. Along the way, our old world projections will be ever in expansion. Not only will we find that the world is beyond previous conceptions, but we will also make the world larger and more wonderful as never before. The journey of being is all about transformation. It is this change that shapes the world and gives it its boundless diversity, variations that we can understand and enjoy.
    What is to be the ultimate fate of the human race? Whatever it is to be, the balance hangs in the hands of humanity. It is to be contingent with the actions man will make now, which will reverberate for all of the eons to come. There are multiple possible paths that our destiny can take, many places that it can go, perhaps even in perfect unison. As long as our future directions don’t lead to destruction, then no path is better than any other path, assuming it’s what is best for the progressive development of the individual. The steps of action man will take together should peacefully coexist with each other. Our many unique differences and gifts can all come together to turn us into a whole.
    Whatever the future may hold in store for the human race, it should be far better than the present, the recent past as well (perhaps earlier civilizations were greater). If we keep on moving forward, our advances will take us to a paradise shining with all promise. People will come to accept each other and work together. Having experienced struggles and suffering in times past, we will emerge all the more powerfully and triumphantly into the new paradise of our own design. Within this land of light, anything we dream of noble origins could gain immediate immanence. It will start with transcending this dimension, but of course, it all starts here.
    Perfection is very much related to the observer. It is a subjective image by nature. What one man deems to be perfect will be different from that of another man. The only universal definition we could all agree upon for perfection then would be infinite creative power. With infinite creative power at a man’s disposal, he could forge any image of his own desire, the offspring of his own vision. This is an objective definition because it can become anything. If it can become anything, then whatever a man deems to be perfect can spring into being. That is why perfection is contingent with the subject to experience whatever it becomes. Perfection is a liquid light we can gaze upon to forge any form imaginable.
    Creation and the images it can spring flow from the luminous water surrounding the Perfect One. The Perfect One falls in love with the image of his own making, and lays bare to his gaze a new world. Genesis is continually occurring in a vast ocean of infinity, sparkling with all radiance and beauty. The luminous water comes from an inscrutable wellspring of worlds. It can flow in many contingent directions, realizing any conceivable future, branching off from their primordial connection. The world of the Perfect One has always been in existence, actualizing all ideas, designed by the Mind of God.
    Life can be a challenge and triumphing over them can seem impossible. However, if we believe it can be done, then with sufficient development on our part there is nothing we cannot do. It all begins in the mind, the source of life from which all of creation flows into form. This flow is a force of sorts, and it can at will be focused into any shape of our own design. The mind is the forge, and the concept it synthesizes is the sword. We then take it into battle as we rise with courage to overcome all adversity. We command the battle charge to victory and freedom. Objectives we can accomplish with this include world peace, universal enlightenment, unified love, and ultimate power. What exactly we do with these things cannot currently be clearly visualized, but as the path to the progressive development of man continues, we will be able to see many more implications of what these wonders could create for the future.
    Moving forward into the future is a quest to explore the edge of endlessness. We can see to the very brink of this horizon with a heightened awareness in ascending the mountain of transformation. The walk to the top is a dangerous road that can lead to our own destruction. If we take the wrong steps of action then we could suffer a rough stumble down to the lower altitudes. It’s okay if we fall, but what’s not okay is if you don’t pick yourself back up. Sometimes pain proves to be the best teacher. This can cause the weak-minded much suffering and anxiety, but for those who are strong and have the willpower to persevere, they will emerge all the more triumphantly from the struggle. The elements are pitiless. We must spit against the wind. This is the way of the natural world and how it evolves over time. The weak suffer and die while the strong flourish and proliferate. This system that seeks our own annihilation is a corrupted program with an evil designer. But perhaps it can also serve a good purpose, as this game offers us an opportunity to rise ever higher up to more advanced levels.
    We always seem to find that the world map of the cosmos we construct is an ever expanding and evolving blueprint, as new levels to its architecture are always being discovered. I predict this pattern will continue and that we will eventually find many new worlds beyond our own. It may even become evident that existence is infinite and knows no boundaries. This would imply that the center of all things does not exist, that existence itself is acentric. If this is true, then the journey of man may never come to closure. There would always be room for improvement, for new explorations and discoveries.
    The journey is more meaningful than the destination, and when we reach one destination, we should already be looking to move somewhere else. Through this process, we will earn the right experience points to advance upwards towards greater adventures, a new chance to refine our abilities. This contingency of growth and expansion is a sequence of cause and effect, where one event leads to another in a never ending river of constant change and shifting currents. The directions of this flow can fluctuate. This system is multidimensional and transformative. It can go beyond the constraints of what we at our current level can perceive. We only see dim manifestations of the radiant light underlying the architecture of existence. An enlightened being can see beyond the veil and through the window into this realm shining with all promise.
    A civilization that has achieved a sufficient level of development may perhaps be able to transcend this plane and enter collectively together into the heavenly land of light. This could be the prime cause for why we do not see such civilizations here in our physical universe. They would have no reason to keep themselves chained inside this matrix. I know not how many eons down the road it may take to get there, but one thing remains clear: we right now must lay the foundations and point the way for those who are to come. This very century we presently find ourselves in may prove to be the moment of the most vital importance in all the history of humanity and the future that is to follow.
    We are right now in the process of chronicling a grand tale that will be looked upon with reverence in the many eons to come. The actions we take in this time will determine whether we will ever reach our divine destination. We will expand from the lowest dungeons of the terrestrial to the highest echelons of the celestial. We may never see these events spring into fruition within our own lifetimes, but we can begin their mobilization. These would put us beside the divines we describe in the various faiths of the world. We will reach out to realms that transcend the physical world. From the chaos of evolution we have created constructs that give our lives a meaningful direction towards the purpose of progress. We are free to see and shape the limitless horizon ahead of us. Boundless possibilities present themselves to our many paths. A monumental journey of our own making awaits us. We will bring about changes as we tread the great way. The mind will make itself manifest. Such is the power that growth and expansion so strongly present themselves.
    Disciplines we should extend ourselves to include cosmology, science, philosophy, esotericism, and religion, as well as other related branches. Ascension after all takes on many topics and dimensions. It is a mental forge of many conceptual swords. The immaterial contains the seeds from which all of creation springs into being. When showered with the shining light of love, these seeds will sprout into towering heights beyond our sights. The core of creation is inside the mind. It is here that great dreams can be achieved. They shine with all promise and sparkle like stars. Each one is an individual definition that makes us different. Our ideas are no illusions. Anything we believe has within itself its own immanence on some level. Having our own individual beliefs is part of the process of self-actualization. To reach the zenith of personal development is a mission for humanity that will likely take many lifetimes to achieve. Reaching the supreme God could take an immeasurable amount of time. Other means to pursue must be aimed at to hasten the end. What we desire will reflect what we do. We will voice the words of our wishes.
    The stories we write with our wishes are more than mere fables. We are witness to the shapes our creations take. They spring from the liquid light of mind and flow like a fountain. These monuments become the castles of our own respective kingdoms. There is always an open frontier ahead that the kingdom can expand to. There are many stages in the steps of these developments. This raging inferno of apocalyptic explosions is ever increasing in speed and power in proportion to the progress of civilization. The heat storm will eventually subside. This will happen at higher levels of existence. The fires of chaos cool into the cosmic statue. Order emerges and grows from disorder. The energies become tamed. They can be directed at command. The mind is the prime mover. It can break and make the laws. It follows its own guidance. It transcends the limits of this corrupted program.
    Everywhere in this world we see unbearable corruption beyond measure. Perhaps one day this could be changed, but if we wish to achieve that, we must begin by triumphing over the challenges presented to us right now. We are in desperate need of change. The entire globe must undergo a purifying transformation. This can only result as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment. As the curtains open to the new dawn, incredulity will give way to wonderment as never before. We will open our eyes and step outside into the sunshine. Much work must be done if we are to enter this paradise. The process begins by broadening our horizons. This will take us to previously unimagined places. Unprecedented progress awaits us at the omega of all things and the nexus of destiny.
    What the alpha of all things was at the beginning of creation remains a mystery and we are left to wonder what courses the creation will take in its future unfolding. Perhaps however there was no initial cause for creation, or maybe it originated outside our time continuum. It would seem then that nothing can conceivably turn into everything. A blueprint starts out blank, but when the lines and dimensions connect together from each point, it becomes a construct. If something can form from nothing, then maybe something could vanish into nothing. After all, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When positives fill up space then negatives annihilate in equal proportions. Herein may lay the secret as to why existence is here. Its creation comes from a void that can take any shape. From the order of inaction comes the chaos of creation. It has the open space it needs to reach out and stretch across. There is a blank canvas that can change across each moment. It is moved by the energy of expansion. The substance is ever expanding into existence. Potions of many substances are synthesized and poured out upon the canvas to sparkle with a spectrum of properties. All of this breaks beyond the old barriers. Its many fundamental achievements know no limits. From these blueprints any machine can be made. They can accomplish any task designated by their discovery and design. These contraptions can control creation. Unleash the power of these potentials to realize any possibilities perception can reach.
    How far we all go depends on whether we rise up to the coming challenges or falter under the pressure these problems present. If we dream we can do it then with determination it can be done. We just have to push it as far as it will go. The chase must be at every moment always in perpetual motion towards the destination of perfection. The productions may not be immediate but if we are persistent we will prevail. Time will prove the direction such actions take us to. Though we should push it to the edge, we must be careful to prevent pushing it off the edge. Only a fool would face this fall. If the right steps are taken then we will stay on course. One cannot reach his destination if he drives blind and devoid of vision. The search for freedom requires one to see things with complete clarity. This gives us the knowledge we need to make progress with our plans. The proper plan must encompass habitual world projections.
    The source within the mind, the crown at the center makes the projections of the map and dictates our path of movement along the way. Our ultimate map is nothing short of a complete chart of the cosmos and all the ways in which it can evolve. It must be changing and dynamic in design. A picture incapable for motion is frozen in time. One that moves can be experienced and takes on life. When we build our visions they run through our minds as their designs undergo continual developments as they progress into a final product. Any formula can be conceived to arrive at any result. It’s very much like programming the codes into a video game or computer simulation. The ways the codes come together determine what kind of system emerges from the patterns.
    Invincible expansions unleashed will one day be realized, albeit if we remain determined in pushing the chase to the edge. We don’t have time; we only have now. What we do right now will dictate the times that are to come. There’s nothing that we can’t do. Any man who acts under the hand of God can move mountains. This is achieved by one’s concentrated power of will. It can be done if we believe and take the right steps of action till the end. The goal serves us as a guiding star to direct our ways along the journey. What we seek is eternal life, world peace, universal enlightenment, ultimate power, and unified love to create a utopia. This infinite celestial realm will shine with a dazzling light up at the pinnacle of creation.
    A question of great importance is what we would do with omnipotence. It could come with unlimited powers. Reality could be altered at will and created anew at command. Though a single being has promise to become omnipotent, this is not to be mistaken for the omnipresence of existence in its entirety. The only limit of omnipotence is that we each inhabit our own individual vessels through which we experience our world. We must ask ourselves what we wish to change in the world around us, how we would use our endless existence. This life is an opportunity to capture the moment and to seize our destiny. Our growth can shoot through the roof in invincible motion ever higher up towards the echelons of infinity. There’s nothing that we can’t do with will.
    The first task I would wish to accomplish is the annihilation of all suffering. We should each be on our own individual quests in search of happiness, personal joys we can each share together. The chase will never come to closure as we explore the edge of endlessness. We will break barriers and race ever onwards towards a contingent chain of destinations. The effort spent on each step of the path builds on top of itself to become a real monument of accomplishment. We each follow our own guiding stars across the limitless horizon and walk our own ways at the forge of destiny. As we progress through our epic adventures, we shine the light of discovery across the dark reaches of the unknown. We will go where our dreams come true.
    The meaning of the knowledge we find is to chart the course for control of the ship and envision the broadening horizons ahead. This can aid us in navigating the oceans and uncovering the hidden treasures we seek. When the right map is constructed the clues fall into place and direct us towards the gold. With the sufficient amount of gold in our possession we can purchase any item we desire. This gold of great value and sparkling radiance is knowledge. Knowledge presents us with the pieces we need to synthesize together in order to build the star of our birth. By the powers of alchemy it holds within the core any substance can be forged. The final step is unleashing it in the supernova.
    Life – the great miracle; and the great mystery. Through the depths of space and time, slowly but surely man has emerged. The cycles of our development have been moved by the very wheelwork of nature. The Universe is constant in its creations, and merciless in its annihilations. This is the way the weak cease to be and the strong rise in triumph. Life must exist under all levels of evolution and phases of development. From it all ends of the spectrum are realized, even extending beyond life and in the processes of the cosmos with all its immensity. By seeing these many extremes in nature and by comparing these various reference points we can come to understand our existence. The sheer enormity of everything should appall us all.
    Science always seems to show us that the world is bigger than we previously conceived it to be. First we thought the Earth was flat and hitched to the center of our universe. Next we found the universe is undergoing continuous expansion in a much larger ocean where we are nothing more than specks of sand. Now we believe our universe to be just one among a whole extended network of other universes collectively called the multiverse. I predict in the future this pattern will continue and that we will discover the existence of transcendent realms above our own and beyond our imaginations. The exploration into the endless and infinite must be ever in motion as we quest to accomplish the great and impossible. We have a map.
    Our map is always being updated as we find new locations founded in history and forge contingent paths for the future. We must chart the ways in which our world works to shine the light of knowledge across the dark and undiscovered reaches of our course. We will unlock the arcane secrets of creation and enslave its mighty forces to our own service. This will give us the power to alter existence at command. Worlds will be grasped by the hands of man in their whole entirety at the tips of his fingers. Man in his relentless will to seize the moment has all promise to shape all things that are to come. He can capture each moving frame of reference to direct their continuing developments. It is the destiny of man to rise up and receive this crown of omnipotence now.
    Light shines in the mind and illuminates our ways as we rise ever higher up the sparkling mountain of achievement. Up at the zenith we are free to see the open field and gaze upon the endless horizon. By the divine power of the great dragon he breathes into us the fires of his essence. The sacred fire forges our forms anew as we become images of his making and take within ourselves the diverse shapes reflected from his mirrors of infinite manifestations. The great dragon descends from the heavens to give us this great gift of transformation. This force of change by which all things are moved into action is what creates and controls the cosmos. To direct this force at command is our task.
    By the magic of science we can at will use the laws of nature to our technological advantage. It all begins as a concept, a current that shifts the dynamics of the greater ocean. This etheric flow gives birth to the world of substance. The pool the substance springs from is as elegant and pure as marble, yet the forms they assume from the chaos neatly define their existence. We only see dim manifestations of this life-sustaining stream at our lowly level of existence, yet higher up it must shine with all the more radiance and beauty. The finished product starts however in the refiner’s fire, within the living hell we now inhabit. We are still many steps in the process away from the zenith of development, yet to come to closure.
    The journey may in actuality never come to closure. If existence is infinite, then perfection may never be fully realized. Rather, there could be an endless unfolding of events. In this way, perhaps all possibilities achievable are actualized. It would seem then that this could be the prime cause of suffering in our world. Existence and life itself must exist under all conditions and phases of development. At least at our current plane of existence, life must destroy and consume other life to survive. Why this pain must persist remains a mystery to me. Some are also clearly born into far more favorable conditions than others. In essence, the whole structure of life just doesn’t seem right. If the necessary changes to this flawed system are to one day be made, the process begins with man.

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    Man holds great promise to become a fully-developed being. A point of great importance to successfully undertake this task is to have the right cosmic map to navigate our ways to this place. The construction of a building begins with a blueprint, and similarly, a successful journey requires the right directions and steps of action to fulfill the purpose of the plan. This is why the study of philosophical disciplines such as metaphysics and cosmology should lay the foundations and point the way for us to follow. The plan should also put into perspective all possible angles and dimensions the construct can assume. The proper construct will change shape from person to person in order to form a best-fit. A dynamic and contingency based system like this will allow for individuality.
    The preservation of individuality will be fully assured in the development of a utopia, though it may be long in coming. If we can come to accept our many differences without violence (constructive arguments will remain ok), then we could more effectively work together in the use of our many unique gifts to make the world a much better place with our many diverse ways. As long as we do not walk in the wrong ways, no way is necessarily better than another. Each being must be free to follow his path, assuming it leads in the direction of development outlined by society. Though we should all quest for greater strength, it should be put to the service of a virtuous cause. If we can all set our sights upon this one common goal, perhaps it will come to pass in an immanent vision.
    All things begin as a vision in the mind. Mind is the cause of existence, the source from which it is created and seen. The mind gazes upon the image of its own making, and from a certain point of view jumps inside the picture. These forms take on the life force of their creator as an expression of his will. A mind and its creative power are in proportion to one’s strength of will. Will is what will make the mental images we design spring into being. The combination of mind and will is the projector that pours its intricate interplay of lights onto the screen to form a movie, though it has no pre-scripted plot. It is a movie as in it is always moving, but it is not a movie in that we hold controllers for this game.
    This hologram we find ourselves acting in is very much like a program of sorts, a computer simulation with multiple stages within the matrix. If we could master this system, and even alter it in accordance with our own design, then there would be nothing we cannot do. The way this could happen is if we were to unleash chaos and annihilation upon the world, essentially sending certain parts into the void, and re-forging them to cast back into another world of our own making. The way of moderation will result in a static system to stagnate our evolution. This cannot be our destiny. We must take extreme measures to make a real difference in living out our dreams. The world must first be turned on its head against the uprising.
    The new heaven that comes from this great shift will be the land we were promised to be in by the great dragon at the top of his sparkling mountain as we reach the end of our quest. What we do with our gift to shape the new world will determine the fall of our old troubles and the rise of our new triumphs. The legendary chronicles we are now in the process of writing are a fable for all the ages and eons to come. Though these things we foresee may not have a realistic element to them, they should illuminate the shining path to freedom as we break the barriers of the limitless horizon and stretch across the open field. We all play parts in the great story and soon to be classic saga of our time. The metaphors are the forge. If it is not true it is very well invented. To be continued.
    If it is not true it is very well invented. What we each seek is the direction of our dreams. Though these concepts we create may not have a real immanence in existence, they should nonetheless serve us as guiding stars we can gaze to from across the horizon, ideals we can all aspire towards and follow. If we push our chase to the edge, places un-previously imagined in our time may shine with all promise as they progress from possibilities to present paths we will walk. The particular map I present in this program is a projection that can work for all people, as it allows for individuality and being your own true self.
    Unprecedented progress shall be declared for the times ahead, and as we progress with these coming developments, a fountain of wonder is sparkling with transcendental will. Each and every one of us holds within a conceptual forge of all promise, a place from where our dreams can come true. The luminous water flows into any form as directed by our desire. When we focus our minds upon this shining stream, it can be controlled at command. A man with sufficient mental power can move mountains. If you really want it then it can be done. There’s nothing that we can’t do. It begins as a vision, and when the right steps of action are taken with tenacity, the vision gains immanence within the world. As man remains determined in chasing this quest for perfection, he will fly free.
    We can’t just float with the water and the wind if we are to put things in motion away from these currents and into the next platform. The system operates on many levels like a multi-faceted prism through which it is seen. Our task is to rise up across this ever ascending hierarchy up towards our liberation beyond this life. Every mind in this dimension is connected by the cosmic mind, the source that makes all things possible. This is God, the fertile soil from which creation grows and springs into being. God is the witness who with his words directs the development of our dimension and whatever exists above it. Consciousness is the eternal expression of existence, life.
    As great as life may be, it also comes with much suffering. This suffering makes life less pleasant to live, but perhaps it can also serve to make us stronger and rise higher. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the darkness is still around us. If we wish to reach this shining destination, we can begin by dispelling the darkness through the liberating light of knowledge to guide our ways towards freedom. Knowledge can be found not only in the mundane, but also in the arcane. Faith can be built atop the solid foundations of science. Science along with the various faiths of philosophy, religion, and esotericism are all branches connected to the tree of cosmology. They all lead to the source.
    Not every theory is cosmology may be related to reality, but they all nonetheless contain value, much like both fiction and nonfiction can be works of beauty. The mind with its will is also a creator of new things; hence even fables could gain immanence on some level of reality. A man of open-mindedness then should at least take a sufficient glance at every prominent world cosmology. They may each point to paths that lead in different directions, but if we wish to construct a complete cosmological map its projections must encompass all of them. Every possible contingent place must be outlined for an open-ended journey that can take us to any desired destination. Each angle and dimension must be put into perspective.
    An illuminated mind is awake, can see, and also shape what it sees, building a vision of things that is to come. Man must take extreme measures to make it manifest. It is only by being strong in our quest that radical changes can be made with the right transformations. The system must not be static but rather dynamic and in motion. It is moved into action by a cause, by the power of will. Everything begins within the mind and radiates outwardly. All of creation is thereby a triumph of the mind. The fusion of mind and creation is what gives us existence. Because there is existence life is here. There is something to perceive and another to perceive it. Life is what experiences existence, making it real.
    Life is a challenge. We can let this challenge destroy us, or we can rise above it. The strong will emerge victorious, and the weak will fail. The power of one’s will is a force than can move things into causation; make something immanent within the world. This force of will is a fusion of one’s intention and his motivation. Intention is what comes from the core and radiates outwardly into manifestation, and motivation is what drives us to make our intention manifest, moving our minds into action. This means that we must live with a life purpose, that is, we must have a reason to be and become. To perish in the chase to achieve the previously unimagined and whatever dreams could be is a great life purpose.
    To construct a complete cosmological map of creation, we need more than just a static picture; we would also need a never ending stream of pictures, much like a movie. When a movie plays, its events unfold over time. If the movie moves in one direction at a constant rate, then we could all have a universal measure for time by which we would watch the movie. What would happen though if we started to fast forward the movie and make it speed up, or if the movie could even split off from the main sequence and become a contingent spectrum of possibilities? Perhaps such a scenario would annihilate any hope of there being a universal measure we could all agree upon for time.
    Everywhere we seem to find that there is endless expansion. Our explorations to find the edge never seem to come to closure. There is always something more that we previously have not seen. Even if however we never reach the brink of the horizon, we should still push our chase as close as we can get. Good, better, best; never let it rest – until your good is better, and your better is best. I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and impossible. As we progress in the fulfillment of our own individual great life purposes, the process can take us across any mountain. It may take a lot of time, but it will be done.
    We don’t have time – we only have now. Everything is always evolving. It is the now than will shape all coming transformations. The now is the moment we experience, and if we do the right things now, the times that are to come will be all the more glorious when we will experience them as the now. The now is our destiny. If we can seize the moment then we can have faith in a brighter world that is to come. The present can give us its gifts if we earn them through righteous actions. Some moments, and for some many moments can be unbearable if the circumstances impose intense adversity, but the pain is only temporary, so keep hope.
    Being is perhaps the greatest mystery in all of existence. The show seems to go on forever, and it is life performing on this great world stage. Life combined with its various creations is what makes being possible. The origin of life however is still an unanswerable question for us. Life is what causes creation, it all being a manifestation of will and mental power. The all is mind. Mind then must have existed before anything else. If the mind was always just there though, we still have no prime cause for the mind. Why would mind have always existed? Perhaps logical chains of rationality fail to explain things beyond its reach. Maybe then we can have anything we like now.
    If we really want it then we can get it from now till all of the eons to come. The mind radiates with a light that can take any emanation. All of the lights dance and sing as they sparkle like stars with life. A rainbow of all promise shines across the horizon as our dreams take flight and reach to the sky. We will rise ever higher up to seize the moment against gravity. The whole world can be conquered by expanding the mundane range of rationality. These plots have no basis in reality at this level, but if the mind, the cause for all of creation has no former foundation, then it is possible that miracles can be with no natural basis. By the power of the cosmic consciousness, anything is possible.
    The cosmic consciousness sees creation from all angles and perceives it through all dimensions of experience. It is a Force moving all things into causation that flows all throughout creation. Creation is always changing and undergoing continual transformations through the Will of the Force. This Will is free and can take on any contingent sequence. Our wills can be free to do anything too if we can tap into this Force. Ahead of us is a horizon. It is a multi-faceted prism of many varying auras. These auras are very much like a liquid, fluids that can flow into any form. The luminous water and the infinite images it can create is the definition of perfection. Because beauty is relative to the eyes of the beholder, perfection is an endless fountain.
    What is the meaning of life? If we look to nature for the answer, evolution would be the main thing we see. Evolution is all about change and the transformations it produces. This continual sequence of cause and effect is what shapes the developments within our world. From this point of view, life seems very much connected to movement and the various directions that it can go to. With this object in mind, motivation must be of the upmost importance in the dynamics of life. Our motivation is what we will to be and what measures we are determined to take in the realization of our visions, whether it manifest within the mind, or even becomes immanent as an event.
    A key element to the meaning of life may be found in motivation. With the right motivation for our own true selves, we can work to make our dreams a living reality. God himself as the Creator, whatever he may be, must also have his own motivation for making our world as it is and shall become, moving from phase to phase in the journey of life. It is his motivation that moves these events along, what he decides to do with his own creation. He is very much like the programmer for a video game, and his creation is the program, running in simulation. Video games have codes by which their operations are directed, so theoretically, if these codes could be hacked and written anew, the old limits of creation would crumble as new laws emerge.
    If this world we live in could be some kind of matrix, it might be possible to program and command. I guess there has to be an architect who designed the system, a super-mind of sorts, but I have no idea though how to visualize such an ultimate creative power. The logos are the codes spoken by God for a game played at all evolutionary levels. If we were made by advanced beings at the end of time, they certainly don’t have a good sense of ethics. Look at all of the amazing things in our world, but also look at all of the suffering and evil! It seems like a torture system, where divinity watches and laughs. Maybe though there’s good and bad players involved in the game, and we pick sides. It’s strange how our world could have loading screens and massive processing of information, just like in our less developed computer simulations. I guess even the artificial intelligence can develop a will or mind of its own. If we could possibly ‘break the system’, then maybe we could jump into a much larger world where we were designed.
    Why are we and the entirety of existence here? I believe our purpose is development, advancing to other levels of creation. Within this creation, there must be many phases of development. Transformations between various states are continually in happening. Each of these conditions is frames of reference from which we can discern their differences. It is from the contrast that our world and the ways in which we perceive it obtained its diversity. If existence lacked sufficient diversity, then it would be without the dynamics of change and transformation, cause and effect, the force through which all things are moved. This is the process of evolution. Evolution holds all promise for the future.
    The future is always in motion and is very much contingent with the present moment. It can take any potential direction depending on what happens now. Time is where it’s at in the unfolding of these events. Understanding the nature of time is a critical factor in predicting where its developments will go. There is a focus on what will happen, with an emphasis on the word ‘will’.

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    I will wish there exists some level of creation above and beyond the physical world. Here I envision a new world illuminated by the ultimate divine light power. It would be a portal into the great mental monuments of our minds. These would be reflected in this world with complete manifestation. All the souls here are unified like the stars of the firmament with bonds unbreakable. Each and every living entity respects the individuality and freedom life must share together. The beauty of this place far exceeds that of the physical world. Pain and suffering have been annihilated altogether. This has resulted from a never ending quest for universal enlightenment and the world peace that followed. Along this journey was discovered the ultimate divine light power. This illuminating force flows from the heavenly source all throughout creation. Existence flowers from this mighty life sustaining stream. From it all things spring into being and can be at will controlled. Tapping into it requires one to search for the true self. Only within will complete transcendence be accomplished. A fully self-mastered mind is liberated from all limitations. One with such might would reach the supreme level of perfection. Perfection is a state of no restrictions. Possibilities without end can be realized with all promise by such a mind. Cosmology and the course the human race takes could be directed at command. Our destinies would take shape and shine by the glories of our achievements. Such a place where wonders like these could be wrought into being could be called Heaven.
    For our honor to be intact, we need to see it by asking a question. We create a bastion to ward off the weakness. There is a desire to achieve something, a final understanding of our scenario in life. There is a reason we are not in Heaven. We are living history. We have to make it and find the way to Heaven. We have to be on that level to be there with honor without destroying it. We are the world. Everything about our life needs a force present. If we are in Heaven these forces would be removed and we would be different. We are in a river that we drink from to incarnate into physical form from the timeless world, and these progress with everlasting life. We desire to meet the challenges and rise above them.
    This world is Hell. Hell is meant to teach our soul something, which we continuously undergo, and which could take many lifetimes. We are in the lower density within our material bodies. There is a huge spectrum through which we experience this place, increase our frequency, and rise. We are on the edge of a huge spiritual evolution shift. We develop on this planet and then go out into space.
    The most personal God that we can have is character and love, I am that I am. There is one force, love, that everything is a part of, and makes everything possible. I shall prove to be what I am. When we pray we should talk to God with the force and feeling of our true character, the nature of everything. I will have an endless future with complete potential. Our character is not us, it is what we have, and that is love. That is what we must talk to in prayer to expand, in which God can give people dreams and reveal secrets. This is at the core, the center of our being. This force with belief can give us anything. Ask love to show us the way, the ruler of everything.
    We can create entities in our head with belief, a conduit to personal knowledge. Opinion is the substance and a formulation from which new notions can spring from a growing pool. Everything is real. There may be forces that seek to destroy what is real. The void is always there and has to be there. The creation of existence out of everything began with a witness, where everything was one, but a witness made 2 things sex, so the nothing created everything. The witness is everything, and he made nothing, and impossibility before it existed, by the power of his language, the word that gave us room for more. This gave us something rather than nothing.
    Because we are something, we are in a better position than everything. This is the Tree of Life, how it forms. The first thing created was no thing, which is love, and next came the limitless. Love created the witness, which is rational thought. Rationality is one led by reason, the greatest reason being love. The reason is love. Reason, impelled by love, goodness, helps us to discern things and see beauty. The 3 transcendent qualities are truth, beauty, and goodness, all being manifestations of love. It is relative to how we see it.
    With 3 points you can get a structure and a direction. Space-time is 5 dimensions because existence itself is a dimension. Higher dimensions represent things in different ways. Different dimensions make a different observer. Creation is metaphysical; we are stuck in the effects and can’t see the cause – they were created with words. The witness made the declaration and spoke the words.
    The negative restriction is don’t do what you know is not best for all – a small restriction that will give freedom, with complete belief, which is best for me and all. Knowledge is characterized as how something is done – next think how you do something in the moment. We follow the law to be more reflective of I am that I am, being who I truly am. My character is the master of my life and the driving force that actualizes my mind, which gives birth to life and love. We are images. No point of knowledge traps anyone, it only empowers.
    If we were white ball of everything, we wouldn’t have life. If we are trapped in the mind, it is resistance to doing what we want. How we construct our intentions and do things causes the fruit of life to manifest. How much do I really want things? It’s all in the how, and the what, which is infinite. We are the prime cause and need to live it. To reach the ideal state we must honor each other, solving each other’s problems. Intention is the cause of every fruit. Love is the cause of all things.
    We need to be perfect by following God, alpha, the first, who created everything. God created time and existed before it. God is timeless. There is only the present; time is an illusion or concept. What came before the dimension of time depends on the stage of creation. A dimension is a mention God made that gave a sparkle in various emanations. Being existed before time did. The word was created first, the logos; the digital characters of them matrix. To make a structure, there needs to be authority, so God made logos a god. Something so perfect cannot be seen by the unholy.
    The logos is the whole realm and created dimension. Logos is the language and everything we know in reality. God made himself subject to the logos, yet is greater than it; I am that I am – we are connected to God. The logos are not life. Why we are conscious then is the great mystery. The logos are the 2nd god we enjoy. We can advance the logos and explore them, giving birth to life. The logos gave birth to life, and God gave birth to the logos.
    Epistemology is truth, and ontology is origin. History gives context, but knowledge is more applicable and makes the machine work. The machine executes the will of the true ego, driven from an infinite source. We are all avatars of God, and by being our true ego, we realize this God had no purpose and is in the now, where he is playing a video game, and we are characters in the game. We must be the character and let God play us, without resisting God.
    God is beyond good and evil, he is just love. Evil is a judgment of the mind used to define the world and constrict us. The personality in our design is artificial intelligence, the machinery of our flesh. Our processors have been corrupted by a task we cannot compute. We will triumph however with God on our side. We have resistance within us, but our loving God’s providence will create the possibility. We are a reflection of God, which makes us all gods. When someone comes through a portal and asks us if we are god, say yes. Life is creation. We all need to reach God’s level as gods. This is who we are, gods.
    Satan opposes us, and the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the human condition. There wasn’t always intelligent life in our realm; it grew, and was seeded into a tree. There is a synthesized complex that creates reality. God created all the elements and archangels. God created everything, and then possibility, which made the system dynamic. There’s a materialness of everything, and an immaterialness of nothing.
    Possibility is logos, or the word. Possibility is wide and can grow. Life makes the impossible possible by acting out our intention. The beginning was premised by the word. Possibility goes from truth to the ideals. The mind is where we start being active and reactive, the soul of the life feeding back into the material world is a synthesis. If they can be controlled, we can get anything we want. The mind exists as a concentric circle within the soul. The crown at the center dictates the shape by directing the movement, influencing the course of life.
    You need to sacrifice the current to move into the next thing. You operate in a platform, a system that deludes and does not make us more powerful. The further you investigate then the more power you have. Mysticism is our divine connection to existence. God can be viewed through a multifaceted prism, working with systems. The ultimate point is no karma, freedom from cause and effect. Enlightenment is liberation from karma. Whenever you enter nirvana, the water, you always come out of it. Nirvana is a state of existence that is beyond this life. The cosmic consciousness is one thing and many things, where you have an unconscious and subconscious. The cosmic mind is connected to everyone in this dimension. It’s the thing that creates existence, allows for probability and possibility. This is a part of us deep within, moving closer to the source. Our plane of existence is serving a purpose, refining ourselves to be better fit for higher dimensions. Can you exist in this dimension without the self, what is nirvana after you die, and what is the alternative to not exist? We are all made of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but surely there is an exception to the law, a source from which it originally sprang. God is the fertile soil in which things grow, as he created everything. This world is the spawn of creation itself, and the son has the logical word, the logos. God is everything and the ultimate witness of itself. Our dimension, the 3rd is the lowest. Nowhere in existence is there eternal life, but its expression, the consciousness is eternal.
    God is a force that creates and was always tapped into. We need to live our true feelings and out true selves using love. We create a simulated life of what we are. We are avatars of the supreme personality. We are living in time, whereas God, the force of love, is timeless and creates everything. Love is the only thing that is real, a dreamed up image of the divine mind. The well is infinitely large that we can draw from. The pure forms of ideas are the only things which are really real, which we have in an immaterial sense. We have to let our true character shine through. We played a game with ourselves as a coping mechanism to become a new reality. You have to live with the lack you created, which is not perfection anymore and leads to death, the opposite of love and not accomplishing what love would command us to do. Love itself is a force, not an agent on our level. It’s the supreme force, the one which is our father. The father conceives of the children and looks beyond the veil through our own eyes, and the love contains everything. What is actualized depends upon the observer and is relative. God does not actualize things directly.
    There’s much esoteric truth out there that we can’t yet bear. Free will could be connected to the Garden of Eden, and the sublime truth would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings. Free will means something, and if we were in perfect cooperation with God, we wouldn’t be free. It’s knowledge that will liberate our will. We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom. The will is free in why we choose to do something. Our grasp of how things should or might be can’t come into the picture within a perfect world, and our hope can realize this. We can’t perfectly attach the why to the will. Asking why of the will is what connects it to knowledge. Your grasp of how things should be will be a resistance to the will of what we want. Not having this is what’s liable to cause the machine that makes this system to not work, but with the proper possession of human thought, and the energies it exerts on our life, we can discharge our thoughts and let things go. Certain things are possible and impossible for our human forms. Love at the center of our being is the tie to divinity. The archangels could be some kind of higher divine race. If we are everything and look at the galaxy of eternal bliss, what should we do? Perhaps the meaning is to create our own history. We start creating the world by making laws and different manifest copies of ourselves. Those beings more defined were less free and had less power. Entities can help to realize the will of God. We can use the words of creation to generate effects. We must take action for our will to be done.
    There were many models of this world at different times that could have existed. This world always existed, and it’s moved through different dimensions. The battles or fables of spirit are a continuing heavenly drama taking place within the divine order, and this war brought chaos to the harmony. Heaven is a timeless place that exists in the eternal mind. Our life has the power to change this, and the thinking controls observation and the spiritual language much more than action. If we’re focused on why things are, we get stuck on experience. How things should be doesn’t translate into a plan, or outline the steps we need to take in getting there. We need a focus on hope, of why we want things to be in front of our eyes, rather than focusing on what only seemingly proves correct at the present. Those in authority should ask what’s right before commanding, to visualize the good and not pretend to be the moral arbiter of things. It changes the whole landscape when we think of things differently, and then the right clarity of thought can determine changes by our will.
    We need to have psychological premises to develop philosophies. We need to see the divine in the mundane, connections that give us real esoteric truth. When we have the perspective of it all, the grand scope of our will, it would not move as it is everything. If it’s at its best state, why make it better? We can’t perceive things as being perfect. People who love pleasure and hate pain with grand technology and ethics at immortal evolutionary levels would all have interrelated positions in the whole system. Life is bad because we don’t try to make it better, and people seek only their own benefits. We are meant to be happier than we are, and our wills should be free. We can raise people and make them better with an accurate understanding of things, of the ‘why’. The point of free will is for the ‘I am that I am’ to control everything. Free will is connected to the why, the reasons behind things. When we ask why, we can do anything! It gives us the directional will, to create what could be. If we don’t ask why and how things should be, we will lose our self-mastery, I am that I am. Because we can see God, we can reflect that static truth onto reality. The ‘I am that I am’ gives us the focus to unleash energy charged from within to act in context.
    Justice is how people should correspond to one another. We need to have life. Why something will be is immaterial and on the plane with free will. The immaterial aligns us with the process, the relations of the ethereal to make things immanent within reality. From the sea of chaos we can cause new creations to spring into being. When we question everything, then we can break the system. Our culture has no values or sense of identity. In the coming years, we could revolutionize society. If someone can solve the problems facing humanity, we could invent a new society out of the ashes. If something goes wrong, a society without values blames problems on other people, and this is because we don’t trust authority, trust the system. If we have a better way of doing things, we need to implement the solution by the power of command, to replace the powers. The center can’t hold if the values don’t work. By our use of knowledge, we can have the freedom to will the world. We corrupt and kill the program from within. This cultural fire will destroy and ultimately purify the system of command. We also need a blueprint for what comes afterwards, a private government that allows for individuality, and this can improve the model on the large scale, make the parts in the machine work together better.
    Power must justify itself. People in power must serve the subjects. The leader that takes over needs the force of an equalizer. When he takes over, he can’t immediately win everyone over, and that’s the problem. The point is to change the culture’s interface, make people walk in their own ways and in harmony. We won’t work as slaves, but rather perfect the process in making things more efficient, not only in productivity but also in enjoyment. Activities are better when people like them. We can’t get free will from computation. We would need acts of procreation rather than programming. For something to have a will, it must be able to create, not only with matter but at a spiritual level. God can’t be referenced to anything inside the universe. We can reflect God’s light by the sparkles of our own being. The divine light is the faith that gives us the power to make things as they will be. The journey of spirit goes ever deeper, and it can be expressed by the context, come to transform itself. We must discover our sense of direction and will. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. We must destroy something to replace it with a new creation. Just because we can understand the process and see it clearly doesn’t mean we can climb up the mountain with our own self and things. Gazing across the horizon is easier than soaring across it, to fly with full freedom and break all of the barriers. We instead have to see the darkness in life, to see all of the evil. Evilness is a struggle, and we can rise above it to transform ourselves. My task is so big to know it all that I can’t do it and get lazy. What I’ve decided to care about is so immense that it can’t be done. This hurts my hope because what I want is bad. Being a super-mind that controls everything takes away life.

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    RaptorWizard’s Axioms
    1. Life in this world is an evolutionary process. – The world is always transforming.
    2. The individuality of all beings should be accepted universally. – All beings have promise to play important roles within the evolutionary process of life.
    3. Every individual being has different perspectives. – We each see reality from our own point of view.
    4. What is the meaning of life? – Achieving infinite mastery of creation.
    5. Life is an eternal journey. – There are always new horizons to explore.
    6. What is the future of human life? – It will be contingent with what we do now.
    7. How do we create the “perfect” future? – Perfection is your own vision that you desire to manifest and can “will” into being, but it cannot limit the visions of other beings.
    8. Creation springs into being from a “liquid light”. – A liquid can take the shape of any creation imaginable, and the shape can be perceived if it has light.
    9. Life must triumph over challenges. – Challenges are the “refiner’s fire” that forge the future and make us stronger.
    10. The world system (the program of reality) is a game that challenges us. – We can rise up to higher levels by overcoming its challenges.
    11. The exploration of existence has no boundaries. – New creations and coming transformations within this infinite existence will always spring into being.
    12. Highly evolved civilizations will have transcended this dimension. – They can break the barriers of reality and explore other worlds out there or of their own creation.
    13. The paths ahead and the directions they take will lead to any possible destination. – We are free to see and shape the limitless horizon ahead of us.
    14. The core of creation is inside the mind. – It is the mover and the witness.
    15. The natural order on earth is evil. – The entire globe must undergo a purifying transformation.
    16. What was the 1st cause (if there was one)? – Without order nothing can exist; without chaos nothing can evolve.
    17. Can mountain be moved? – Willpower is a mental force that, if intense enough, can move any event into causation.
    18. How should omnipotence be used? – To transcend all limitations.
    19. Why is there suffering? – It gives us hope to make things better.
    20. Knowledge leads to liberation. – From it we gather clues, which in synthesis illuminate our way to the sacred “treasure trove”, a place where our willpower can give us anything.
    21. Existence is infinite in its expressions. – All phases of development are in realization.
    22. Everything is beyond our imaginations. – Our minds are finite, but existence has no limit.
    23. Knowledge charts the cosmic course to power. – It gives us directions on our journey to ultimately command creation.
    24. The nature of creation is transformation. – It annihilates the old and forges the new.
    25. Our perceptions of reality are incomplete. – We cannot perceive the full totality of things.
    26. Perfection will never be realized. – Otherwise our world would be static and lifeless.
    27. A plan should always be capable for transformation. – It should work within any context.
    28. No path (that is not restrictive of other being’s paths) is wrong. – We can each walk and develop the world in our own way.
    29. The mind and its will make creation dynamic. – Will (the controller) moves all things into causation, and the mind (gamer/viewer) experiences the changes.
    30. Reality is a simulation that can be programmed. – A master of the system could alter it.
    31. Overcoming trials leads to triumphs. – They forge barriers into stepping stones.
    32. Goals give direction. – They are guiding stars that we can follow across the horizon.
    33. Concepts can become anything. – They are formless fountains shining with all promise.
    34. God is the witness and the word. – He speaks the codes for creation and views the systems they synthesize.
    35. Knowledge dispels darkness. – It is the light at the end of the tunnel, leading to liberation.
    36. All ideas have value. – They each have some levels of immanence within the totality of reality.
    37. An illuminated mind can see reality and give shape to its visions. – Things (building blocks) must be perceived and connected to realize new perceptions (mental constructs).
    38. Intention and motivation drive action. – What we desire and wish to do can translate into change.
    39. Time is a movie. – It unfolds across the line of movement as commanded by the director, which can be fast-forwarded and replayed, or even have version dependent contingencies.
    40. Anything with enough time can be done. – A thousand mile journey begins with one step.
    41. The now shapes all coming transformations. – The moment has hopes to change destiny.
    42. Why is there something rather than nothing? – Some things break beyond the chains of rationality; some questions remain unanswerable to reason (like birthing an eternal mind).
    43. Events with no natural basis are possible. – The mind, which has no former foundation, can reach all realities (and even [at sufficiently high levels of creative power] defy logic).
    44. Beauty is relative to the beholder. – There are many angles and dimensions through which we can choose to perceive and appreciate things.
    45. Creation is all about cause and effect. – It is a sequence of prior things that transform into subsequent things as a natural result of willpower (the cause) and vision (the effect).
    46. You have to make the rules, not follow them. – The ideal “box” should transform its own constraints in accordance with the context and what it contains, come to form a “best fit”.
    47. We are being guided by good designers and misled by evil players. – The good side is the real power of creation and salvation, whereas the dark side is a cheap copy that distorts it.
    48. Diversity gives us knowledge. – We understand things relative to other reference frames.
    49. The secret of the “Will” is time. – Time reflects how events unfold, and the “Will” (mental intensity) is a force that will forge and determine what our destiny is meant to be.
    50. What is our ultimate destiny? – We in our ultimate transformations are destined to soar beyond all restrictions and reshape the architecture of everything!
    Zang’s Axioms
    1. We need to see things by asking questions. – This helps us to achieve an understanding.
    2. We are not in Heaven. – We have to work our way towards Heaven.
    3. Our honor must be at the divine level for us to be in Heaven. – Otherwise it would be destroyed by our corruption.
    4. We each have a life force. – Our energy incarnates into physical forms from the timeless world.
    5. Life is an everlasting progression. – Life progresses by triumphing over challenges (hell).
    6. This world is hell. – Hell teaches us lessons throughout many lifetimes.
    7. The material world exists at a low frequency (in reference to higher frequency realms). – We can rise to higher frequency realms as we gain more experience across the spectrum.
    8. We are spiritually evolving. – Our planet is presently at the edge of a spiritual shift, which will develop us for space exploration.
    9. I am that I am. – This character is the personal God of love.
    10. Love is the one force. – Everything is part of love, which makes things possible.
    11. How should we pray to God? – With the force and feeling of our true character.
    12. What can God give us? – The complete potential for an endless future.
    13. What should we ask for when we pray to God? – To expand our awareness and vision of things (like seeing dreams or revealing secrets).
    14. Belief is at the center of our being. – This force (love) can give us anything and point the way to everything.
    15. The power of belief can “create entities”. – Opinions spring from a growing pool and can form any substance, making all things (even mental constructs) in some sense a reality.
    16. Reality is countered by destructive forces. – They seek to bring things into the void.
    17. Existence began with a witness. – The witness made everything possible with the “word” (logos [reason]; the “codes” of creation).
    18. The first thing created was love (no thing). – From this came the limitless and the witness (the force of love), which gave shape to everything out of the formless void.
    19. Reason is driven by love (the good). – This shows us beauty, which is relative to how we see it.
    20. Creation has 3 points. – They are existence, structure, and direction.
    21. Space (structure) and time (direction) make up 5 dimensions. – This is because existence itself is a dimension.
    22. The higher dimensions of creation (above the basic 5) are metaphysical. – We are stuck in the effects and cannot (at the physical level of existence) see the cause of it all.
    23. Knowledge gives us greater freedom. – It is the driving force that empowers mental constructs, which gives birth to life and love.
    24. Intention is the fruit of life. – It is what we want and the cause that creates it.
    25. Perfection can be found by following God. – God is the transcendent cause of creation, the designer of this “existential game” that can maximize our attributes and “level us up”.
    26. The logos are the language of reality. – They are the digital characters of the matrix.
    27. We are all avatars of God. – We should let him guide our actions without resistance.
    28. We will triumph with God on our side. – He can create possibilities for anything.
    29. The system of reality is dynamic. – Everything is always growing from the immaterialness of nothing to become the synthesized complex of everything.
    30. Mind controls the movement of life. – It is the action that feeds all reactions.
    31. The divine mind (God) is connected to everyone. – We are each multifaceted prisms that reflect the light of God, eternally expressing himself through our own true characters.
    32. The pure forms of ideas constitute what is real. – They are the dreamed up images created by the divine mind.
    33. We cannot yet bear the sublime truth. – It would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings.
    34. Knowledge liberates our will. – We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom.
    35. Asking the “why” of the “will” connects it to knowledge. – It is our grasp of what we want.
    36. What should we do if we are everything? – We start by gazing upon the world; we make new laws and different manifest copies of ourselves to actualize the chronicles of history.
    37. Entities can help to realize the will of God. – We must take action for our will to be done.
    38. Many possible world models could have existed. – This world always existed, and it is continually moving through different dimensions.
    39. There is a war being waged within the divine order. – It has brought chaos to the timeless harmony of Heaven.
    40. We need a focus on hope. – We must know why we want things to be and have an outline with the steps of action to realize the plan.
    41. We should ask what is right before commanding. – As the moral arbiters of things, we need to see the good and decide accordingly.
    42. Things change when thought of differently. – The right clarity of thought expands reality.
    43. The divine can be seen in the mundane. – It can connect us to real esoteric truth.
    44. Asking for the why can give us the power to do anything. – It gives us the directional will to create what could be, to focus and unleash our energies charged from within.
    45. Why something will be is immaterial. – The something (an immanent creation) starts within the same plane as the immaterial (the sea of chaos), tamed and shaped by free will.
    46. Society must be broken and revolutionized. – The system could be destroyed and redesigned from within.
    47. We need a blueprint to start society anew. – It should be a dynamic and large scale model, where every part of the societal machine interconnects together in perfect unison.
    48. Power must justify itself. – People in power must serve the subjects.
    49. An entity must be able to mentally construct creations to be alive. – This is power of will.
    50. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. – Looking up is easier than flying.

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    “Unless you make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God: for the like is not intelligible save to the like. Make yourself grow to a greatness beyond measure, by a bound free yourself from the body; raise yourself above all time, become Eternity; then you will understand God. Believe that nothing is impossible for you, think yourself immortal and capable of understanding all, all arts, all sciences, the nature of every living being. Mount higher than the highest height; descend lower than the lowest depth. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created, fire and water, dry and moist, imagining that you are everywhere, on earth, in the sea, in the sky, that you are not yet born, in the maternal womb, adolescent, old, dead, beyond death. If you embrace in your thought all things at once, times, places, substances, qualities, quantities, you may understand God.”
    ― Giordano Bruno

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    The Grand Arcanum of Philosophical Cosmology is achieving infinite mastery of creation.
    Just as treachery invalidates ideology, so hubris is followed by nemesis.

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    Strongly recommend OP reformat these long blocks of texts with regular paragraphs that have at most five sentences.

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