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    Default The Nature of Empathy

    In part as a spin off discussion from the many attachment disorder based threads, it seems worthwhile to examine more deeply the nature of empathy and different ways in which it manifests. There will be some debate over terminology, but the most important aspect of this is to find a way to distinguish between different forms of empathy as part of a way to explore its potential diversity of perceptions and expressions. It is also worth examining the nature of empathetic-based motivations vs. simply perceiving information about someone else's experience. Also worth exploring is the role of emotion and experience in the process of empathy and how projection vs. perception influences the accuracy of identifying with the experience of another person. There are likely more questions to explore, but just have at it...

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    Experience is the main factor in the discussions.

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    Great topic, Fia. I will follow the discussion with interest. If it is not broadening the scope of the OP too much, I would also be interested in:

    • The degree to which empathy is a universal human trait. Some people seem to have much more than others. What is responsible for this variation?
    • What is empathy good for? How does it help us accomplish our goals in life?
    • Can we get the same result by using a different (combination of) human faculties? If so, what do we lose for making this substitution for genuine empathy?
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