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Thread: picturing faces

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    Photographic memory. Faces are all I can remember, I can't remember names for the life of me. I also can't read piano music, despite being able to play Bach.

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    Maybe you suffer from face blindness like Oliver Sachs and Chuck Close. I first learned about it when I saw an interview with both of them on Charlie Rose. Of course Oliver Sachs is an amazing neurologist and author, but Chuck Close actually made a successful career as a portrait artist. He used his constraints to boost his creativity.

    Take heart

    Noted photographer Chuck Close transcends his face blindness
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    I can see them if I'm not trying too hard. I might fumble for words if asked to describe what I recall though.

    I can't imagine not remembering someone's face if I'm close to them. I remember feeling a little weirded out when my boyfriend confessed he wouldn't be able to pull up a mental image of me unless he saw my face regularly.

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