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    The Fully Imagined Life

    A work of art succeeds or fails by whether is suspends our disbelief.

    And by full imagining their work an artist suspends their own disbelief, and so makes it possible for us to suspend our disbelief.

    Or we might say an artist fully imagines a work so that we can imagine it too.

    And what is true of art is true of life.

    For a life that is fully imagined is fully lived.

    So I am surprised that so many come here to argue for the sake of arguing.

    And arguing for the sake of arguing is a way of avoiding the fully imagining life. Arguing is tissue paper thin. Arguing contains no nourishment.

    Arguing engages the ego and disengages the imagination, and we are all impoverished as a result.

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    The true way to live the life is that enjoy the every moment of it. You do not know what will happen next.

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