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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    Asperger's is partially about being really literal, I believe. (which is what you mean about Si, correct?)
    I was once hanging out with a kid with Asperger's and I was telling him about To Kill A Mockingbird. He said in all seriousness, "oh, I always thought it was about some town that was trying to kill this mockingbird but it kept getting away" or something.

    In other words, I tend to agree that people are off-base in thinking that any introverted NT is an Aspie. Totally different things.

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    A narcissist is more concerned about how they 'appear' and 'who' they hang out with.

    They are far much more grandiose than a person with Aspergers.

    To a narc life is all about reputation, wanting to be a part of the higher echelons, craving the center of attention in a very elitest fashion.

    A person with asperger's will most likely not care about what a narcissist is after, which is about the "image." Narcissists will often cover up for their own lack of self-worth by material things they want to show off with by buying the latest fashions, driving the fastest most expensive cars, owning the most expensive watches. They have an incessant need to cover up for an empty vessel, an emotional void that's quite shallow and hallow. By going out of their way to prove their own self-worth, they only show what little they have with the lack of substance they have in their lives. At the heart of it all, they never feel as though they are truly ever "good enough" because they've rejected so much of who they are by feeding into the image of what they think gains approval.

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