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    She sounds exactly like my friends grandmother who raised her.

    As for her being angry, why do you think she was angry?

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    I know only one ExTj woman, and that's my girlfriend's mother, who is likely ENTj.

    I think her husband is a (socionics) ISFj, which likely mitigated her potential "troubles" in being a part-time housewife. She worked as a high-school teacher from 7 to 13, and she was the "salesman" for her husband's one-man company during the afternoon (he is-was a civil engineer), handling his taxes, administrative stuff, and so on, while contemporarly raising 2 kids. She also was running astronomy and language clubs in her hometown, and going hiking or skiing every weekend. I mean, if you see this in writing it seems impressive, but she is a very calm woman so it doesn't really look like she did very much, just like some stuff here and there, consecutively. So, basically I think her life was full enough not to feel bad even if she was no high-powered executive. In fact, my life as an ENTj is somewhat similar as general approach and I can't say it's bad, really.
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    I suspect my step-grandmother is an ESTJ and I can't imagine her doing any housewife duties at all. her and my grandfather eat out for every single meal, and one time my aunt tried to heat up soup at their house and got chastised because she was "going to ruin the paint on the stove."

    she was a pretty high powered marketing executive so she had another outlet. honestly she's an evil bitch though.

    and ironically she's the one who got Martha Stewart rich.

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