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    I'm selective about who I talk to anyway. It's easier to select online. I don't think I have any complexes as a result.

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    Worst thing this forum does to me, is give me another goddamn site to be addicted to, besides Facebook.

    The forum in itself doesn't give me issues. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.
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    If any site has any psychological impact, it's time to sign off.

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    Now that I think about it, maybe OP is uncomfortable with how forum makes him feel because what he thinks about when he's here.

    I've often used it as some kind of purging tool or something, and if he does the same, but is very uncomfortable with doing that, he may find it draining.

    If he's using the forum in some way to ruminate personal issues, but that's an uncomfortable thing for him, then he may find the forum stressful.

    I've seen far worse on other web sites. I was led by someone to another site that has nothing to do with MBTI, and the place isn't as moderated, and on the surface it actually seems tamer in some ways because of the format and subject matter (I have NO IDEA why people act so pretentious and mouthy on MBTI sites, it's almost like there's a certain kind of obnoxiousness that prevails on MBTI-related sites) ...but dude, once I was there, I realized there were FAR FAR CRAZIER people on that site than I've ever even seen here.

    People were arguing about really personal things with people they weren't even planning on sleeping with. I mean I'm talking about adults between the ages of 25-45 who aren't even romantically involved saying things to each other like "yes and I know that's why you went to Canada honey, look at my profile and I have proof of all your lies!"

    I'm just like what the...I don't even...

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