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    Default Excitement vs Fear.

    Many things have happened in the past few months with many of those events culminating around this time. At this moment, I am harboring both excitement and fear, but the excitement is a lot stronger than the fear itself. Some nights, I just can't put myself to sleep until early morning hours.... The point of the thread isn't too much about my excitement and fear, but more about excitement and fear itself.

    You see, I started looking up excitement and fear and found that both are very "similar" emotions. Both pump up your adrenaline and both can trigger the flight-flight response much like how love and hate uses similar chemistry. The only difference between excitement and fear is how you perceive a situation. If you see a situation as deadly or anxiety stricken, it is most likely fear. If you see a situation as uncertain, but holding possibilities, it is most likely excitement.

    It is like the difference between being chased by a lion versus riding in one of the craziest(but fun) roller-coaster in an amusement park. Both can be scary, a person would see the first situation as scary... REALLY scary, while the same person would see the second situation as scary... but fun.

    Yeah, I think I'll perceive a situation more as exciting rather than scary.

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    interesting. I think this is why i really like 6w5s, cause you can describe things beyound theoretical perspective with theoretical accuraccy.

    yes both emotions arise from something being beyond current understanding while fear is when one expects it to possibly threaten self preservation while excitment.. Is more about curiosity of experiencing new feelings. Pure fear is something very scary when there isnt any trace of positive feelings to accompany it, this can be overcome by painting it with excitment or beauty.

    Im very scared of my deeper feelings,(painful) even though i think they are the most beautiful of all, but i couldnt always bother the work it takes to paint them that way.(using my w5 side of my 4w3)

    hm, itd be kinda interesting to have all feelings categorized in a single theory like this
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    Makes sense.

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    I think these have been confused before. And noticing the difference or the closeness of the two can be useful to become courageous in a challenge or difficult action.
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