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Thread: MBTI and names

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    Default MBTI and names

    I asked myself if I can find correlations between mbti types and some names. I looked up some meanings of names.

    For example:

    Alexander/ra: (Greek) The Guardian - xSTJ
    Jalina: (Germanic, Female) The Funny One - ExFP
    Ernest/a: (Germanic) The Serious - xxTJ
    Timotheus/a: (Greek) God Honoring - xSxJ
    Thaer/a: (Arabian) The Rebel - xNxP
    Vera: (Russian, Female) The Faithful - Non-NT
    Ehrenfried: (German, Male) Peace, Protection, Security - xNFJ
    Eric/a: (Nordic) The Ruler - ExTJ
    Latif/a: (Arabian) Friendly, Gentle - IXFP

    I couldn't find many names, which are related to personality. Most of them reflect origins, appearance, etc.
    If you can find some more names, post it below. Thx for reading.

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    You might be interested in Socionics, which also labels types by representative people. For example, the IEE (ENFp) is also known as Aldous Huxley; the LSE (ESTj) as Sherlock Holmes.

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