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    Having no skill or ability at something can be frustrating, all the more if it is something you want to do. After all, if I have no interest in something (assuming it is not a necessary life skill), I won't care how good I am at it. There are too many possibilities in the world for us to put up with needless frustration.

    That being said, there is more than one way to experience something. We can enjoy music as a listener rather than a performer; or just find a different instrument; or learn to dance.
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    I also agree with.. all three posts above mine. Sometimes, it's difficult to convince yourself that it's "never too late."

    I also have a hard time convincing myself to do anything for its own sake. If there's no goal/end in mind, it's difficult for me to take on. (I realize that "doing it for its own sake" is a goal, but it's difficult to see it as such.)

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    You don't have to worry about being good at music. Just do it and see what happens.
    Think of music as a metaphor, which you allow to influence all of your creative activities.

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    I've been playing (mostly guitars) for over 22 years now. That's more than half of my life. I have some skill, but I'm not Segovia or anything. I'm OK, but I'd consider myself a rhythm player. 3 chord rock, basically. Music isn't a competition (with yourself or anyone else). It's about discovery.. music is like molding clay. As long as you have some basic skill down (much like one gets acquainted with different techniques in sculpture), then you're set. It's about playing with that toolkit, playing with notes and chord shapes and timing, and enjoying what you discover in the moment. There is no goal. The goal is something you just happen to fall upon.

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    Yes, take the class. It will do you good.

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