I'd like to say that envy is the emotion that I understand the least and that angers me the most.

Someone might consider themselves unfortunate compared to others, but how fortunate are they to live in a country not at war? To have a job? To be in good health? To have an education? Social comparison is a never ending process that only leads to unhappiness, because there will always be someone better than the person in at least in something. It all depends on the "group" you choose for comparison.

The cruelty of benefits is that once you have them, you quickly lose the realization that you're fortunate. Research shows that the benefits of a promotion are short lived. You enjoy the first few weeks feeling that you've advanced, then you start comparing yourself to another group: the other people at your new level. And now you want the next promotion... It's a never ending cycle!

We take everything for granted. We're living in a society billions before us would only have dreamt of. Yet, people still find ways to compare themselves to people above them and feel bad about it. The best way I've found to be happy: remind me each day of how fortunate I am to have the things that I have and be where I am.

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IMO, the feeling of entitlement fucks up a lot of people. Buuuuhuuu I'm so much more intelligent than others, I work so hard and give money to the poor, (I'm pretty hot as well) - "I deserve much more than what I've got!" Yes, in a Chess World perhaps you would but this is a Back Gammon/Poker World where the element of luck plays a role. We don't allways get what we *feel* we deserve and who's to say if we deserve what we got or get in the first place?

Thing about luck is that it isn't entierly random. There are things which can be estimated, calculation of probability, so we can allways make a strategy in life roll the dices and hope for the best. If that doesn't work the smart player gets more smart, makes a new strategy and roll the dices again. Doesn't mean that he/she will ever win but the smarter the person gets, the harder he/she tries the greater are the chances.

I think that's why it's so important to derive your worth internally. If you know you've achieved alot considering where you came from, then that's the essential. I'd rather play a modest game starting from a crap set of cards than having all the best cards first. Although other people would be impressed with the latter, I would not be satisfied with it myself.

If you think about it, entitlement is irrelevant. The universe is not a parent with whom we can throw temper tantrums and it responds to our desires to calm us down and make us all happy again. This entire cycle of thought results from ego-centric thinking. That is meant in a deeper way than the clique'. It is about not being able to recognize how small one's place is in the greater scheme. To cheat, harm another's efforts, or otherwise manipulate the external world to achieve success, is to create an artificial success. If one wins through false means, they will never own their success. It is just a grand make-believe.

My conclusion is that entitlement is irrelevant, envy is irrelevant. What happens, happens. It does take a concerted choice, which I still work towards, but overall I believe it is an easier path to focus inward to maximize internal strength, adaptability, and peace.
Excellent post, 100% agree.